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I never got tracking either but the package came in and the send date on it corresponded to when drew said he would be mailing it out.
Checking in. Mid-July 2013 GFBCDR came in. Leather is thicker than my black lamb from last year, a little veiny, but overall fit is great and looks great. Thanks Drew for coming through (albeit late). Still waiting on lamb ma-1 (Oct 2013)   Double thanks to Charly for sizing.
 Hi Drew, a) In December, you asked us to confirm addresses and items ordered, at which point you told me you had made the trousers for me, but in the wrong size (I had changed the sizing through Charly shortly after ordering). Have the new trousers been produced and when can I expect them? b) Are you still taking spot transfers? How do we know if our item is in production or has been produced now that Charly is not managing the emails?
 Yes. I ordered a GF BCDR.
 What a too short DR looks like. @masshi 
Oxblood 2014 DR with silver zips would be something special.
 Ordered MDR in mid-June 2013, came by October 2013Ordered BCDR in mid-July 2013, still waiting...
 This is from Drew's instagram
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