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I sincerely hope so.
Ordered a lamb bcdr for my girlfriend as well.. just hit 59 weeks. They would probably be in the same batch?
 was just wondering if there were distributors other than microscop on the forum.
where'd you get them?
Maybe I'm not reading the update properly, but what about June/July orders that haven't had an address change that still haven't received their jackets?
I personally would by a little upset if I had that much grain on my jacket. The MDR I have has very little grain and I love it.
What melts better? calf or lamb? I guess I'm asking this because if the sleeves melt off my TOJ0, I can just rock it like a vest.
 When you get your jacket you can point and laugh back. What's the point of letting people get to your head? Just relax.
 Funny, because im changing my black lamb MA-1 to the black lamb CWU45
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