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 Saw this on grailed. Does anybody know where else I might be able to find one?
wish this was a 48/50
anybody know where i might be able to purchase a pair of tech fleece pants on sale for black friday or cyber monday?
Not too hard to sell for full price I think. The jacket looks good and I think you could fill it out over time. Jacket will break in as well.
 I think the MA-1 is only available in black lamb
 Black Calf 2013DRBrown Lamb A2Black Lamb MA-1
Waiting on a July 19 order here. 65 weeks.
I wear my MDR with OCBDs all the time. I have a "minimal" A2 as well and they give off very different vibes. I don't think you'll regret getting the A2 over the 2013DR. A2 is very versatile.
 Minimal as in no suede tag?
Selling spot purchased September 2nd 2013 for a full leather. $780
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