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I personally would by a little upset if I had that much grain on my jacket. The MDR I have has very little grain and I love it.
What melts better? calf or lamb? I guess I'm asking this because if the sleeves melt off my TOJ0, I can just rock it like a vest.
 When you get your jacket you can point and laugh back. What's the point of letting people get to your head? Just relax.
 Funny, because im changing my black lamb MA-1 to the black lamb CWU45
Any thoughts on the aesthetic differences between the TOJ1 vs TOJ0? Been waiting for a TOJ1 to pop up on B&S in my size (may never happen...) but the TOJ0 has been growing on me... They both look pretty awesome but I was wondering what people thought. The differences are essentially raglan sleeve and reversible lining (which I don't really care about), right?
If anybody has a size 50 black/black TOJ1 they are interested in parting with, I am very interested. Please let me know!
Hey, I wear a 9 in Converse. Anybody selling? Please PM me. 
I know the daypacks are awesomely designed and have great materials, but I was wondering how they compare to similar daypacks from IISE or KillSpencer?
 Looks great! Makes me want to order an A-2 (still waiting on my girlfriends BCDR and my own leather MA-1). Is it the lighting or is the brown lamb a little darker than it has been in the past? Maybe its just me.
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