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 I got hit with about the same...
 My cemented pair were made in China.
 templeofjawnz@gmail.com  Not surprised that drew hasn't responded to you. I added my own information to the spreadsheet when it first opened. You should be able to as well.
Nope, just an email with tracking number
 thanks. row 40
Received my September 2013 TOJ Black Lamb MA-1 today.   This was the second jacket I ordered (other one being June 2013 which I received in October 2013). Charly helped me with the measurements based off of pictures from my first jacket. The lamb is thicker than the original jacket I got, some veinyness on the left shoulder, but very supple and substantial. I think the fit is great and am glad that I received my jacket. For everyone on the wait list, I would still be...
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I never got tracking either but the package came in and the send date on it corresponded to when drew said he would be mailing it out.
Checking in. Mid-July 2013 GFBCDR came in. Leather is thicker than my black lamb from last year, a little veiny, but overall fit is great and looks great. Thanks Drew for coming through (albeit late). Still waiting on lamb ma-1 (Oct 2013)   Double thanks to Charly for sizing.
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