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Hi, I saw this type 1 jacket recently.     I found the info on the tag interesting "rust proof buttons".   Was this something special when the type 1 jackets were introduced in the 30s? They're just stainless steel buttons then, right? A number of pants and jackets come with corroded buttons like the Transcontinental Denim Jacket. So if the buttons are corroded it would indicate that the jacket style is from before the 30s?  
Yes, very cool to have met this guy. I'm also more a fan of A/W items of NC. Of the new S/S collection I like the striped jacket, pants and vest ensemble. The rest doesn't speak to me much.
Eat Dust have a low crotch. Their two original fits are wider, but recently they introduced a slim cut, too. Beautiful fabric.
For top of the line go for Merz B Schwanen (loopwheeled, I think) or Homespun. RRL have some nice ones as well.  
Lovely boots with the pebble grain.
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