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I never wanted Dexter to work in a police dept.   I wanted him to perhaps head security of some mega gambling joint.   I did not want MCH(michael C. Hall).   My original thought was to choose Jim Carrey as he fits my persona more closely.   Deb Morgan was based on my sister.   I showed my sister picture to Jeff Lindsay and thus the reason he picked Jennifer Carpenter. 
Still siffering from the effects of being hit by lighting back in 1997 I was reminded again a few days ago that Amerikajinda was married in 2009!   Was shown his awsome wedding photos and yes He was dressed very nicely!     I just need to buy a suit like that for myself  :-)
Hey there!   I am debeing if once I take this to court and win if I should change my name to Dexter Morgan. But anyway yes welcome to styleforum and it's citizenry of various folks such as I . A bit of warning but I think you will do ok since you have a child but this site can be addicting to visit.   So instead of me rambling on here is a video of me and my dog:
I'm an irish HAPA!
Back in the day when Amerikajinda and I were still co workers and I was looking for a place to rent and stayed with family for a short while.. ok a lil while longer, I dated this Japanese girl.   She called me and wanted to go see a movie she then asked who the woman was who answered the phone.   "Oh!  Thats my mom."   She replied, "No thats your wife!"    I laughed and replied no no no no no giggling while saying no.  She then hung up on me.   That really was my mom.
I drank some orange juice last night and got dizzy as hell from the sugar rush and this was naturally squeezed made at home orange juice.  Grrrrr!
My idea was good enough for a TV show but after the author steals my character in 1997 he makes the character really dumb. At least the writers listened to me in season 6 so that by season 7 they have removed the dark passenger as the way he always was without any dark passenger.   Dexter is me.
This shows as proof because the Irish Kilts were blue and green and the scotts of the time wore red mixed with some other colors.   The Scotts have their history mixed up!
What makes people buy leather chairs and couches anyway?   Many times I find myself sitting on them in the store and they just do not feel comfortable to relax in.   They make my ass sweat.      I'll just stand thanks!
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