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Does anyone have a picture of Crispaire #333100 or a suit made up with it? Thanks.
thats an exact quote and I described what I meant by CMT (i.e. i will provide fabric). They did say they are running a "promotion" which would give a 15% discount off those figures. Still much higher than others have quoted historically.
Quote: Originally Posted by dragon8 I didn't order anything on the tour but saw him in January and had a suit made up which I think was a bit less than $750. I got this in an email from them....The price for a CMT (2 piece suit) is US$1200-. The price for a CMT trousers only is US$280- each. Thoughts?
I see Scott in Chelsea relatively frequently. He also seems to shoot in the West village (between 7th ave and husdon i would assume)
pls spell out please. Thanks ("Thx")
I am looking to commission a bespoke/MTM suit in a gray pinstripe similar to the picture below. For those of you who have great familiarity with the english fabric books what would you suggest in order to achieve the look in the below picture (Oscar de la Renta)? The finish seems somewhere between a flannel and a worsted (I would like something that wears better than a woolen flannel). I would appreciate any suggestions or experience you have had with cloths. ...
it would depend on the lining most likely. only would be more expensive if the lining complicates alterations...
they make a nice shirt. good construction, fit, etc. Their base fabrics (no-name books) are not very good but they have a large selection of Thomas Mason and Alumo. I would stick to these. And FYI - they are MTM not bespoke.
KISS (Keep it simple stupid) Stay to charcoal, navy and white. Black or dark brown conservative shoes (Alden for laceups, Ferragamo and Gucci for loafers are pretty standard). No bold pinstripes. Nothing loud or in bad taste.
it was my impression that the devalued currency was not really an advantage for the U.S. buyer (unless you travelled to Hungary) Is that correct?
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