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measurements please
Hi, I just bought the Spiewak Doyles Coat. Wondering if the cotton moleskin shell as described is water resistant, thanks.
Hi, what's the lowest you can go on the Wallet?
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason What is the circumference of the waist on the yes style jeans? Circumference as best I could measure was 32 3/4"
Another price drop
Price drop!
Realized I have too many jeans stowed away that I just don't wear. Trying to cut down on the collection. For sale are some 7 for all mankind boot cut, low-rise jeans in black. Some Z-brand straight-leg, low-rise jeans. And some straight leg slim fit yesstyle jeans. Everything is authentic and in like-new condition. They've rarely been worn. Actual measurements are listed with the jeans. Asking prices include shipping to US. All questions welcome! Prices...
bump for additional opinions
Quote: Originally Posted by crazyquik An important question should be, how long of a coat do you want? The Schott duffle looks like it is the 'proper' duffle coat length. The other is more fashionable (short). If you want a shorter jacket, get the pea coat. The pea coat is also a bit more formal. I like a duffle coat myself, but I also have more formal overcoats. Lengthwise, peacoat and duffle coat alike, I'd like it to land...
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