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dibs here as well as sufu, still waiting for pm!
you're practically my build, this is perfect. i'm 6'1" with a 38" chest. i have to take measurements of some shirts i already own, but could you potentially be able to do 40 if the measurements do match?
price on h&m light grey shirt?
Camera just had to run out of battery, and I just had to have left my charger at home. Can't get pictures up, but I ended up buying the cheap navy suit, and am pretty happy with it. I dressed-up in what I would wear for the interview, and thought I looked presentable. I'll get pictures up much later, but the issue now is (so many problems) the pants are too long, and I didn't have the time to get them tailored, and won't have the transportation to do so either. One...
Wow, you guys never fail to impress me with how quick and informative you can be. That last link was really helpful. I just got back from searching and found this navy suit set for $80. The only thing is the sleeves on the suit jacket could be longer (as it is, it rests maybe 2" above my thumb's joint). The jacket is pretty fit, which I like, but which leads me to another question : Is a regular fit better for interviewing, or would a slightly more slim fit be...
Forgive the repetition of these kinds of questions, but I skimmed/read through much of the existing threads on interview attire, and don't think I came across something directly involving my question. If there was, I'll apologize beforehand. I have an interview in 1-2 weeks. A little while ago, my uncle took me to Burlington Coat Factory to pick-up a blazer for casual/semi-formal use. But after reading the threads, I'm lead to believe that I can use this "blazer" as a...
hi, would you say the picture of the zara blazer accurately represents its color? also, any chance of a picture of it worn? thanks.
Spiewak McKenzie: Looking to trade small for a medium, or sell it for say $150 shipped? shoulder to shoulder : 17" shoulder to hem : 29" pit to pit : 19 1/2" shoulder to sleeve hem :...
sizes of the shoes?
inseam too please
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