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Price drops 5EPxSF 's are gone
Price drops across the board
I remember reading something about your being interested on social psychology as well. Since you somewhat corporate already, another consideration would be to pursue the Industrial Psychology field. Pretty much psychology (social factors) applied to the business world. This is currently what I'm interested in. I'm going to be applying to graduate schools within the year, but I'm not quire sure which field just yet. The one I am considering is called "Human Factors." If...
I suppose I can see where some of the OP's "heartburn" comes from. It's a kind of elitist thought, subconscious or not, where the trend for ipod-use has become so common that nearly everyone has one. And the case with almost any trend seems to be that to some people, partaking in it or even observing it in public is a little "rattling" or offensive. I personally see it, and find it a bit humorous, but it otherwise doesn't bother me at all.
any chance you could get fit pictures up please? (not j crew stock photos)
More price drops... Flat Head's sold
Additional price drops
PMs responded. 5EPxSF's to $220. NDG's to $80
Sized Medium. , and in good condition. PM please.
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