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Would love to have this sold this month..
Just confirming this doesn't affected preorders that have already been submitted?
Saks in Union Square carries/carried Edward Green in limited models (Chelsea and Westminster were the ones I saw when I was there last about an year ago). 
Thank you, 58E
Veldt dundees and APC
Is it even fair to call them test boots at this point..
Are diagonal creases always indicative of shoes that are too short? I have a slight diagonal on one of my pairs that rubs my lateral ball, and I always thought I just needed more width. 
Anyone have rear collar heights for the spread or cutaway shirts? 2 inches?
I'm fairly confident the topy is simply cemented onto the leather outsole (handwelted). 
Nobody hates the Japanese as a class. I'm not a fan of the far-nationalists which Shinzo Abe panders to. 
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