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Carmina needs to hire someone new to hire to design their medallions. 
The seams on the StC croc chelsea are very unattractive, imo. Just screams cost-cutting.   Those EB shell boots, though..
edit: eh don't want to stir up trouble
 They're not my taste, personally, but the comment was more regarding jeans stack more easily with boots than shoes. 
@schmidtdalton13 those jeans be stacking odd, and the shoes aren't helping. are they new? 
Never saw St. Crispins in person, but from others and photos ive seen, the finishing is similar, but G&G is more selective in what hides they use, especially for the quarters.
E36 is bulletproof. Can't imagine it being that pricey to own if you DIY maintenance.
Those are sick. Better than Alden's straight cap or Harlechs, imo. 
Nice. The fabric was little too much in person for me, but it looks perfect (and subtle) here. 
Is that coat Eidos?
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