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So true. Even the phallic Selbourne medallion is better than the stuff Carmina puts on their shoes. 
You'd look like a dork. Unless you're both good-looking and a pop-culture symbol like Justin Timberlake.
I understand your points. Looking forward to the pictures. Personally, I'm not a fan of the RTW shoes in questions as I don't see the value in paying that much for Blake stitch. Makers like gravati and sutor already fill that niche quite well for a lot less.
Were you fitted in person? Not sure if bestetti even does online bespoke ala kielman, but just curious. What about test shoes? Wasn't implying the leather isn't inferior, just that using that as the only parameter isn't the best idea in general
Cordovan can welt up in the rain. Suede with synthetic sole is probably your best bet for leather shoes in the rain.
I don't feel creasing is a good sole indicator for leather quality. Most often than not, creases are different due to differences in personal fit rather than leather quality.
EG makes AC correct?
Lots of jacket + jean combinations this week, which I like. The look gets too much hate around these parts.
Nonissue for loake
I'm boring, but I'd love an F-last chelsea oxford in medium brown suede or ilcea parisian
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