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Ideally same size b/w F last and U last to keep the ball length correct, but the toe box is very confining on U that some like to size up 1/2 (though that can lead to sloppy fit elsewhere). 
C&J (along with everything else) was much cheaper a few years ago. There also was a store called plal that sold C&J BG for just above AE first pricing and C&J HG for like Alden pricing, thus capturing the hearts of igents everywhere. Then Skyfall happened.  But alas, Plal stopped selling outside of Indonesia, and C&J raised their prices steadily every year. Carmina then got hyped, touting aesthetics like channeled soles for prices near (now below) C&J BG and became the...
There are quite a few operations in Europe and East Asia that offer hand-welted bespoke for just above, similar, or just below prices as G&G RTW. Not available to North Americans without a plane ticket, though. 
They all fit the same in the instep. 
@Leaves   Two questions..   1. Full sock liner possible on EG/GG preorders or are those MTO only? 2. Does Bonafe do unlined shoes (loafers, chukkas)?
We can request a full sock liner on preorders? Or MTOs only?
I would be in for a more casual Arran. Ridgeway sole, storm welt, some sort of pebble or hatch grain, MH71 Or I might just get those EG Kentmeres..
Unique SF history with those. These are bespoke shoes made for @chogall . Inspired by a Saint Crispin's MTO/bespoke by member @jerrybrowne. That design is actually quite popular now, e.g. Bonafe has something similar. 
I've had boots shipped from Canada to the Bay Area stuck in customs for 2 weeks. That wasn't from Skoak, though.  USPS customer service is by far the worst I've ever dealt with on a side note. Worse than telecom. 
That's insole. Game over. 
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