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cypi2 is not the first person I've heard say St. Crispin's last adjustments led to an an uncomfortably tight fit. 
How long does shipping take? 
I would not go with 82 if you're wearing with jeans mostly. I realize it looks better than 202, 58, or 72 on its own, but those 3 lasts are going to look way better with denim. Personal opinion, but 82 only looks good with creased trousers, otherwise it's too pointy. 
You're overly sensitive brah 
Might have to try this on some Marlows..
Still squatting in galways? lol
Rnadoms from past couple weeks Woolrich Woolen Mills, Jcrew, Uniqlo, Eytys   Junya x CdG, Uniqlo, Eytys Eidos, Uniqlo, Guidi
Replace the toplift of the heel once the rubber has been eaten away, before you start eating away at the heel stack. Heel strikes will always cause the rubber dove tail to wear down much faster than the leather.
Are Guidi 988's blake-stiched or goodyear-welted (or handwelted??)? Or does it vary..
It's the BART. I'd wipe the soles of my shoes, instead. 
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