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I'm fairly certain a wider width increases volume throughout the shoe--ball width, instep, and heel. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong. 
I'd brush before and after every wear especially along creases and feather. Dust and grit stuck in the creases is what cracks leather. I just put on a dab of bick4 on a rag and rub it in when leather feels a little dry.  No experience with otter wax. 
Use bick4 or lexol sparingly every few months (or any conditioner cleaner) Saphir is for dress shoes and their products give shines, even renovateur 
Damir Doma mainline Lambskin - nubuck, dark grey Raccagni zippers Double zip Made in Italy Small dark stain near handpocket (see pics)   Rough measurements (no guarantees, fits me a slim 38 just fine): P2P: 19" Shoulder: 17.25" Sleeve: 29"   699 + 15 shipped USPS 
How many fittings did you have with this tailor. Agree about the divots, and front balance looks a little short. 
@Rais   What city/country are you located in, out of curiousity? 
Id argue if someone like UC wore josabank and told everyone it was inglese nobody would bat an eye. Makority of CM only has a delusion of anti-name
For those in the U.S., what is the typical lead time for Sam Hober?    Also if anyone has a suggestion for a red macclesfield with green motifs, I'm all ears...   edit: for under a bill
They all work for Galway except 606, I'd say..
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