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Get the St. James II (hopefully pre-2015 pattern). It's G&G's flagship, and the best balanced adelaide. 
Oh; is there/will be a veldt Galway in the EG stock line as well? Sherling lining is a no-go for my climate. 
Anyone own the F width Rosewood CC Galways from Westley Richards and care to comment on the fit to E width 82/888/202/606? Confused as to why they stock F width; 64E looks plenty wide enough even for winter socks.
@Leaves someone mentioned Mahogany CC Galway will be on the stock list for EG. Is that a veldtschoen model?
Just pedantics FYI..chiseled =/= square.    StC Riva last, for example, is a chiseled round toe. Both below are Riva last; chisel rerfers to the chisel-like sloping of the toebox in the side view.     G&G TG73 is an example of square chiseled. G&G MH71 is soft-square chiseled. 
Veldt galways (or any galways at all) ever returning to the stock list?
SF's groupthink against black shoes is unfortunate. 
Finishing (vague word) will be better on the Galway. Leathers probably better with EG as well, especially outsole (if you're going leather sole). Construction is inherently superior with Bonafe. I'd suggest going with the Galway, since that's what you originally wanted, it's cheaper than it ever will be now with USD strong, and that boot will always be in the back of your mind. It is the definitive country boot. 
[[SPOILER]] Do you and @patrickBOOTH share the same cutter? Shoulder expression is quite different. I know nothing of Ercoles other than I want something made from him. 
Zegna Roma
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