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How much is shipping to the United States from Italy these days..
The Cary Grant idoltry on this board is odd, especially considering most here fawn over softer, Italian tailoring. If someone posted a fit that actually was Cary Grant-esque, most would call it woefully dated.    Braddock's fit is not Cary Grant-esque at all.    On the topic of CM vs SWD, CM is akin to artwork before mid-19th century, with its focus on representation, ratios, and the like; SWD is more post-mid-19th century, where those things took a backseat. The...
People keep shoes in their closet?  I have the habit of keeping them in the garage.  So there is no logic. 
What is your logic for that? 
Isn't Mac Method just brushing? I gave up on using conditioners/creams/polishes on all of my shoes including calf. All I do is brush the upper and feather line before I wear. 
Steed and Chan visit SF. Steed in October, I think
Are Zonkey Boot's Classic and Sailor lasts the same as St. Crispin's?
It's a shame RLPL x GG are all narrow. 
Also 20% polyamide if I read the label correctly. At that pricepoint, I would rather go with something like Inis Meain. 
Bespoke? They look like MH71 to me..
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