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Curious to how youre finding these; they don't pop up when I search for them alone
What's the most a jacket waist/torso can be taken in without hurting proportions/pocket placement? I've read anywhere from as much as 5" to as little as 2". 
It's also cost cutting. Can get a lot more boots per hide with that V seam than with a normal pattern (and a LOT more than with a wholecut pattern). The biggest complaint against StC is them being very "economical" for hide usage, leading to loose grain problems in addition to their weird standard chelsea pattern. 
From my experience/knowledge, moth eggs are laid/survive/hatch in clothes that are stored away (not touched for weeks-months) and kept in the dark. I've used an external rack for 3 years with no problems.
Lexol cleaner says ph-balanced, which in chemistry means cosmetics it means maintaining the normal pH of the skin. If leather is acidic (don't know if it is), it would make sense that a ph-balanced formulation would be a buffer using an acid with a pka (and ph) under 7. 
More would like if it came in a green box with Edward Green stamped on the sockliner. It's a Gresham on a different last and a change in the strap.  lol it's gone full circle..layman assumes quality with a designer label, styfo igent assumes trash with a designer label. 
Pardon if this question has been asked before, but how does the collar height and point length for full spread collars compare to Suit Supply shirts? Are there measurements? 
Brand new Boglioli suit, Dover model. Small scale houndstooth that quickly resolves to a solid (see close-up). Super-soft construction with no padding and shirt-sleeve shoulders. With brown buttons, this is staple blazer suit. Looking for a quick sale!    100% virgin wool   Measurements (38R): Shoulder seam-to-seam: 18" P2P: 20" Sleeves: 24.75" (no finished buttonholes) BOC length: 28.25"   Waist: 16" Inseam: 37" (unfinished)     LAST DROP TO $400 
Does yoox refund US sales tax? The refund total is showing as pre-tax. 
Are you looking for mtm/bespoke because of CMT? RTW those are readily available, i.e. boglioli, lbm, canali kei, certain eidos. 
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