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So my local Brooks Brothers had a 20% off sale yesterday on Made to Order suits. I took advantage by having 2 suits made and also opened up a credit card (which I actually needed) to add on an additional 15% off. I'm a newbie still to the world of suits. Whats the general consensus on the made to order suits from Brooks Brothers? High quality? In total, I spent about $1400 for the 2 suits. Good deal? Thanks. 
Thanks for the reply. I actually just pulled the trigger at $80. I need a few more suits and I like the looks of this one. At $80, I don't see how I can go wrong. 
By the way, please ignore the shirt and tie. I will not be purchasing either of those. 
Here are pics of the suit:       Is it worth $100? Can you give me more info on the suit? I am told it is a "boardroom" suit but want to confirm that it is and that this is a good line. Thank you!
New Posts  All Forums: