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 I don't have a huge cufflink collection, despite the fact that I nearly always wear FC shirts, but I wear KW sterling knots 90% of the time.
Tan check Corneliani is sold!
Pe3brain I wear a 18.5 shoulder and 22.5 chest and just bought (yesterday actually) a SuSu Hudson in 42. You look like a much bigger dude than me so I'd take the advice of an earlier poster and get an additional size up since you can return for free.
They're a bit more on the reddish side. The pic below (not mine since I suck at photography) gives a good view of the IRL color. They're going to develop awesome patina.
Mid grey nail heads sold as well. $60 for the remaining pair (dark gray nailheads)!!!
These shoes are a super good deal and someone should buy them!!! I would if I wasn't a UK8.5.
Thanks Tweedy!!!! Not sure why someone hasn't jumped on these yet. On the "best of" thread there's a used pair at the same price and a new pair for $100 more...
Both tropical wools sold, and both nailhead so still available. $160 for both nail heads if anyone is interested!!!
Cox - great call on NZ Pinot and precisely what came to my mind when reading the post as well.
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