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 For watch straps too?  Would be a nice "one strap" for those of us whose watch collection comprises a single item.
"Wells" is the model name of that shoe.
Colour variation is one of the joys (or not, depending on perspective) of shell.  For casual shoes/boots I think the variations look great.
@Elio do you have a different angle? Objectively, yes, much lower than usually preferred. However, in the pic they don't look bad at all, perhaps because their not, or perhaps because the jacket fits so well, or perhaps because of the angle. (Or some combination of the above)
 You know, if you were just a 40 instead of a 38 I'd buy your KW blazer, and if you were a 42.5 rather than a 43, I might consider those WTs!
I would like to see the S next to the 337 and MH71 (both soft squares) rather than the U, where it either looks like a super fat/flat toebox, or ridiculously extended, depending on the angle.
I worked in Mayfair for a couple of years and feel like monks were reasonably common.  I don't really have an opinion on whether they're more or less conservative than loafers, as I think conservativeness is as much a function of the individual shoe as its type, but I do think they're equally casual.  But mainly I just dislike loafers so if I was dressed as MF described I'd be wearing monks.
^^You could sub in a black monk without hurting anything 
I haven't the slightest idea what Alden shell goes for.  You appear to have a number of shoes for sale so perhaps you have a more precise view of the market. My only point was that there are the occasional used shoes that have a pricetag at 80% of retail for whatever reason (they've been "worn twice", they're GG, they're shell, whatever) but for the most part used shoes don't have a ton of value.  Especially when they're quite used like the ones RTC posted.
Agreed - those look nicer than the burg.  Real question for me though is how much would you get for either of them?  Secondhand shoes, aside from the proverbial twice-worn G&G or Lobb, I don't think command much of a price.  If you'd only get ca. $100 for them then why not just keep them?
New Posts  All Forums: