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I don't know if you've ever seen the 337 in person but I think the C&J website pics really don't do it much justice. In person it reminds me of (an obviously less well-finished) G&G MH71. I'm a big fan and I wish C&J made more on it (specifically hand grade capote dm's in burnished chestnut).
 This is spot on. All of my orders have been fulfilled super quickly (I imagine he has a fulfillment service that does this), and my only - and still outstanding - issue has been an exchange.  Should have just taken a $30 hit on B&S and saved the hassle.
+1Charlie and Dawn's enthusiasm for their craft is positively DWF-esque
Well shit. Went ahead and ordered them but evidently someone must have been in store at the same time purchasing the last pair of 8.5s. They offered an 8 as an alternative but I'm north sure that makes sense. 8.5 in the 358 fits me ok (it's certainly not bad but I wouldn't call it perfect) and given the length I would assume that the 337 would either be the same or a half size up. I'm in London tomorrow and Friday so I may see if I can find the time to go try the 337 on in...
Well, that got me to watch it.What's also interesting is how these shoes that people baby so much get beat to shit with a hammer whilst being made.
Unfortunately no help on sizing advice, but I do have a colleague with Church Consuls - he has had loads of quality issues in roughly two years if ownership (upper cracking, three resoles, faulty stitching). Now, everyone's mileage varies, but he and I had very similar routines during this period (we both lived and worked in central DC) and I still have the BG C&Js that I bought at the same time.
Damn.  That's a good deal for HG.  I need another pair of C&J (or shoes in general) like a hole in the head relative to other sartorial demands but for $400 I may not be able to pass.
 Given my geography I didn't have a ton of options.
I always get taps - something about my gate/foot shape just kills the tips of soles regardless of last. I had G&G put on my most recent pair for ca. $100 as Jubei notes, but would have done it at B Nelson for half of that were geography more convenient. I remember C&J being in the £35 range as well last time I bought from them.
@mimo - any good-natured advice on what to do for a weekend in Muscat with the family?
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