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Website says they're still hand welted (and I certainly hope that's still the case).
What hotel?
I'm in the same boat as Torsion - I'm gong to buy my first G&G in the next week (before the Bespoke England sale ends) and it's going to be the Oxford.  I don't currently own a plain black captoe Oxford - a serious hole in my rotation - and after beating around the bush (and staring endlessly at Wurger's thread) the G&G is the only plain black RTW Oxford I really like aside from Cleverley which is just a bit more.   GG06 is a nice classic last but I'm going with MH71 -...
@DWF - does Blake/McKay = Blake or Blake/Rapid?
From the website, they're blake/mckay - which I'm happy to see a bit more of just so that not everything is GYW.  I'd also like to see DWF or someone chime in about the leather wrinkling on the vamp.  Is this a loose fibre mat and therefore something of an off-cut?
Sounds like you don't like them because they don't fit you. Makes sense to me since SS doesn't fit me either (buttoning point fail). But that a spalla certainly fit noodles well....
 The example you gave is much more analogous to PCK1's Ben Silver example above.  Westley Richards is selling EG shoes, just as Skoak or Edwards of Manchester sells EG shoes.  They're not selling (at least not on this product) a private label.  It's a non-standard color but retailers frequently have exclusives. Again, I don't see what the big deal is.  It's not like they're hiding some big secret.  Do you think RL should disclose which factory in Pakistan makes their...
^^^right, like BB saying their shoes are made by Peal and Co when it's obviously C&J. In the case above isn't it obvious that the Purdey's are C&J?  I must be missing something.
Nickel is a little yellower than SS, and a little more subdued than either the brass or SS.  The photos on the website are pretty accurate - have you looked there?
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