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Has anyone seen the new 373 last in person? I'm finding myself attracted to the tan Fairfords.
^^^where do you find the list of new linings?
Your right shoe is wearing a ton at the tip - I'd see if you you can get metal toe taps (they can build up the toe if there's a bit much taken off already - just try B Nelson if you're in the U.S.). And it's not clear, but do make sure to have tress. Other than that, like Cleav said - no drama.
@Kent Wang - any plans for another RTW brown tweed this year?
I have 348 double monks in 8.5 that are great, 358 oxfords in 8.5 that have slightly too much room (although people have said before that HG fit larger), but my 8.5 Tetbury's are insanely too big. Wish I had never bought them (or at least had done so in a 7.5).
I've always used dark brown (both cream and paste) and it seems in keeping with the original color. I also use black in the toe cap but that's just me.
OK - final drop to $40 plus shipping for the dark grey nailheads!
I have a few KW 10oz fresco suits (including 0516) with the standard canvas and they drape well, but I'm sure the soft would be fine too.  Which shoulder construction did you go with (I have two standard and one soft, and an unfunded 0520 that will eventually be either unpadded or roped)?
Killer deal for whoever lands these.
Out of curiosity, which makers in your view do Dainite properly?
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