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Killer deal for whoever lands these.
Out of curiosity, which makers in your view do Dainite properly?
Seems a bit too categorical, since the construction in this particular instance is, somewhat anomalously, different from the way the outsole is put on. Seeing as the outsole is probably the least important part of a shoe following the lace, I wouldn't write off something that's otherwise well constructed.
Yes. The reduction in the appearance of creases is well worth the extra hundred bucks, and lasts like 337 are gorgeous. And bark tanned soles are worth caring about btw.
You should block him, which is what I've long since done.
Thanks gents. They're Budapest Oxfords in Oxblood on the F last with HAF soles. Wore them today and a) they're super comfortable (in contrast to my first pair of U last Vass which took weeks to stop blistering) b) definitely larger than U-last shoes, so I may consider a half size down in future, c) oddly clunky feeling when one is used to MH71/358/U.
Incoming from Reszo:
The peeling sole channels do happen on all brands, but frankly I've found this to be more of a problem with C&J than other makers. I've had the channels peel while the shoes weren't even being worn. Still a big fan, but i wish they'd put by up for better cement.
^^ looks more burgundy to me. And add me to the list of folks above who would never think of paying the same price for otr belts after buying four of Charlie's.
I'm not a fan of the Chadwick per se, but I definitely feel like HG is worth the premium over BG. The leather quality is much higher resulting in finer creases and the soles are oak bark. And the delta between HG and BG is a hell of a lot less than the delta between HG and G&G or EG. The only real comparable is Vass (my experience, Vass construction is better, leather is not quite as good, style is up to you).
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