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Generalizations about MBA programs abound!  FWIW, when comparing tier 1 to tier 2 (I don't know what rankings number, or from which source, separates these groups, but I'm sure it's not 15) median salary might be the main KPI but I think it's probably ultimately less meaningful than salary range or distribution.  At the top schools the salary range will be much tighter and the distribution will cluster around the median, whereas at a tier 2 school one guy comes out making...
Gemming is such a tired old debate.  We need a more sophisticated discussion on something that doesn't enflame peoples, like Topys for instance.      
Organizational Behaviour
If I made 5x my salary I would certainly contemplate it, but if my baseline was the same as Noodles's I'd still probably start somewhere else though. All the other shit I could do with 5x the money though......
Meursault - i usually pay about $300 for suit-length fresco, and presumably that would be at least partially offset by not having to purchase other cloth from the tailors. I tend to run hot as well (and I live in a very hot place) and have been quite impressed with how cool the fresco wears but also by hiw well it drapes and holds a crease (referring to the 11oz version fwiw). If you're not set on one of the VBCs, and if the maths work out, you might give it a try.
I thought hand-welted shoes did not have or need cork filler, just GY welted shoes.  Isn't that one of the things @DWFII always mentions?
Noodles I like Hobers A and B above.
The "you don't know what you're going to get with MIC" argument isn't overly compelling if there are other trust factors associated with the brand.  KW, for instance, is at least as high quality as a number of brands with different final assembly points (although not Formosa), and I'm willing to assume that BB isn't selling junk either.    I'm also skeptical that the Italian-made brands discussed on this forum are not sometimes final-assembly window dressing.  I'm sure...
Apologies if I missed something (in the deleted post perhaps?) but if the 50's are good, and they seem to be aside from a little more break than is my preference, why order a pair that's two sizes smaller? 
^^ I've never understood why the Seymour doesn't have a cap toe either.  I've always thought that DM/cap toe SM/plain toe were the classic combinations.
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