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What last are the handgrades on? Fwiw I have 348 monks that fit well in 8.5, but 358 oxfords in the same size are a bit loose. I didn't realize it when I bought them because i didn't know better, but I certainly would have bought 8's if I could do over. I have a pair of 337's in 8 and they're anbut tight like you mention. I haven't worn them a ton yet but in the 8-9 times I have the upper definitely conforms a bit. For this reason I'd think of going for the smaller...
I'll give this one another bump for a bang-up deal.  I'm actually commissioning a KW 0520 CMT with soft shoulder, 3r2, smoke MoP, and patch pockets now - so exactly what vvvbj is selling but it's going to ring me up for $1100.  Only difference is I'm a 40r or I'd be all over this one.
Not something I'd personally bother with, particularly after they crease a bit.
It's alright Noodles.  I broke the rules pretty hard as well on Friday with a similar OJT combo.  Orphaned jacket? Check.  White shirt? Check.  Black shoes? Oh yes.   However, I was aware of all of these rules, I was simply constrained by what was in my suitcase at the time.  
^^I have no specific experience with the C&J NY store, but I'm surprised at this difference.  There's been a lot of discussion recently about how C&J is effective at enforcing consistent pricing amongst retailers and Skyvalet's other prices aren't particularly good (nothing against them, fine shop, just talking about the pricing).  
I've been wearing my black Lowndes a lot over the past two weeks.  They were my first pair of C&J some 3-4 years ago and while the fit isn't great and I've since purchased higher-end stuff (CJ HG, G&G, Vass, etc.) I'm always happy with these every time I put them on.  The Lowndes would definitely be on my short list for any selection of top C&J.
Generalizations about MBA programs abound!  FWIW, when comparing tier 1 to tier 2 (I don't know what rankings number, or from which source, separates these groups, but I'm sure it's not 15) median salary might be the main KPI but I think it's probably ultimately less meaningful than salary range or distribution.  At the top schools the salary range will be much tighter and the distribution will cluster around the median, whereas at a tier 2 school one guy comes out making...
Gemming is such a tired old debate.  We need a more sophisticated discussion on something that doesn't enflame peoples, like Topys for instance.      
Organizational Behaviour
If I made 5x my salary I would certainly contemplate it, but if my baseline was the same as Noodles's I'd still probably start somewhere else though. All the other shit I could do with 5x the money though......
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