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^^check out like half (or more) of Holdfast's fits.  Classic tailored menswear (not hipster 7" leg openings) and DMs.  They look great.
Depends in part on the last, no?  Anything more "aggressive" than, say, C&J 348 maybe looks on the trendy side.  I like DMs, though, and will continue to wear them regardless of fashion trends.  That said, I would challenge the original premise that they're becoming ubiquitous.  i see them now and again (and far more often outside the US) but hardly something approaching ubiquity.
 What's the best way to contact them?  V Chestnut Grosvenor may be an interesting pickup at a good price...
If you're in DC SkyValet does this as well - even though shipping shoes to New York is probably easier than getting from NoVa to upper Georgetown.
I think taps fall outside of purist orthodoxy, but I follow the guidelines set forth by PCK1 above.  Due to my footshape and gait my shoes experience a lot of toe wear and would wear to the welt at the toes way before the rest of the sole was even close to ready for replacing.  I've had them placed in by the manufacturer or by BNelson and have been pleased with both.
DWF any thoughts on beechwood (or other wood) vs. metal shanks?  It sounds like you use metal in your own work so perhaps it's an already answered issue...
Dye inside the holes is a good idea....
Best use of a baseball in a fit pic: clarinetplayer
Don't think I've ever seen a chogall post that wasn't some combination of abrasive and offensive.
@Crat's custom-colored and @Cleav's (seemingly) one-off dark brown Westbournes always make me wonder why C&J doesn't offer them in more than chestnut and black? I don't like the color of bench grade chestnut but I'd buy these in most other shades.
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