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While recognizing that this post is useless w/o pics, just wanted to say that I've been wearing my new racing green belt the last couple of days and am really digging it.  I've been pairing it with charcoal suits and black shoes - the green is dark enough against the charcoal that it doesn't call attention to itself, providing a nice, subtle accent. 
^^^ Dude your new avatar is freaking me out
Third from the right's not bad IMHO.
Did you contact Kent?  Their customer service is pretty good....may have better results than SF.
I'm a car guy - always have been.  One of the hardest things for me about moving is parting with the two that I own.  That said I'm into cars because I like driving and I like autos as pieces of machinery - I agree that (within reason) one should not view a car as a way to project personality or values.  The status symbols associated with cars are the worst kind because unlike clothing or watches or art or houses or any number of other things they're tied directly to the...
Since this thread allows tangents....."Beamer" refers to BMW motorcycles while "Bimmer" s the correct term for BMW automobiles. (although I'm sure that blue odd jackets would look sweet on a German motorbike) And thank you everyone for the Fresco feedback.
Dear Noodle's thread:  I posted a couple of weeks back about CMT fabric choices (short version: I'm in a CBD work environment but moving to a ridiculously hot place) and several folks suggested Minnis Fresco.  I ordered some samples from Huddersfield and they look great.  Follow-on question: any experience with the trade-offs between the 280-310g fabric weight and the 435-465g weight?  I imagine the heavier fabric hangs a bit better, but does it undo the warm-weather...
I dunno. I travel a lot - most weeks I'm going somewhere. I bring wooden trees with me and don't find it all that difficult. I'm cool with wearing the same shoes 2-3 days in a row if that's most practical (can't hurt every now and then) but I always bring trees and have never even thought if plastic ones.
Looks like the premium range shoe you tried on was the Fawley on the 13029 last, which looks like the only shoe produced on that last.  F&S - any chance other models will be produced on 13029?  It looks like a beautiful last!
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