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Agree with this. I never use those pockets and have omitted them on other mtm. I've never asked Kent or Aaron though.
That's a good point. I rarely see S or SP on forums either. It's too bad since Vass's website photography is horrible, making it tough to get much of an idea of what these lasts look like. Especially since the primary non-forum, non-Vass source for Vass imagery is Ascot, who take terrible photos that always make the shoes seem excessively long and pointy. A bit more for the R but not muchIt does look like a nice last, and I may try for my next order. I currently have just...
I have a half dozen west ends that I wear with suits. I think the Mayfair may be more suit-y, as the west end is something of a jack of all trades, but I don't like brass buckles, and haven't yet convinced myself to pony up for a sterling Mayfair (although I'm sure a future project will be to send my black strap in for a sterling buckle and have the existing nickel one placed into a Bakers oak or russet).
Cardelino finished a Ring Jacket overcoat with working buttons for me a few weeks ago. The sleeves needed shortening slightly anyways, so a modest price increase from non-working cuffs and it's a nice touch on something I'll own for several years.
^^^and unpadded as well (four total options).
My wife bought me a wool/silk great wave for our anniversary and I wore it for the first time today (mid-grey flannel suit, blue shirt, and navy wool challis tie). It was killer, and I see every reason why this will be a first-priority square going forward.
^^ there's probably nothing you can do for them, but if you sell them to me for under $100 I could use Renovateur and some light brown or mohogany polish to tidy them up .
Those are pretty narrow lapels. And I bet it's fused.
Does Harrison's sell to individuals or does your tailor have to contact them? Not an obvious click to buy like hfwltd.
Boxing Day. It's possible that they know in advance what will be in the list npbut I've never asked before the 26th.
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