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The peeling sole channels do happen on all brands, but frankly I've found this to be more of a problem with C&J than other makers. I've had the channels peel while the shoes weren't even being worn. Still a big fan, but i wish they'd put by up for better cement.
^^ looks more burgundy to me. And add me to the list of folks above who would never think of paying the same price for otr belts after buying four of Charlie's.
I'm not a fan of the Chadwick per se, but I definitely feel like HG is worth the premium over BG. The leather quality is much higher resulting in finer creases and the soles are oak bark. And the delta between HG and BG is a hell of a lot less than the delta between HG and G&G or EG. The only real comparable is Vass (my experience, Vass construction is better, leather is not quite as good, style is up to you).
They appear to be handgrade from the sole treatment - if you look closely you can see closed channel stitching (on the front pic) and a closer, more sculpted waist on the rear 3/4 pic. For better or for worse the only sale C&J they have that I "need" are the suede Tetbury's, but alas not in my size. However, they also have JL Williams in cognac for ca. $800. This has me quite tempted.
The windowpane jacket looks like it may be ok, but it's tough to tell from the way the model is messing with the pose. All of the trousers look bad, and the db fit is really chav central.
^^nice comparison shots! i like how the Cleverley stays straight from the ball to the toe rather than pointing outwards like TG73 or the Vass U, but then has a more pronounced square than the MH71.
^^^i really like those. They were finalists along with the MH71 when I bought my only pair of plain black captoes. G&G were cheaper, which is saying something.
You should check out equus (www.equusleather.co.uk)
For me, yes.
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