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I have several 1 1/4 west end that I wear with suits and I'm roughly your dimensions (5'10'' and 175). Not too wide at all. Charlie - actively lobbying my wife to let me send In my black nickel west end to have it refitted with a sterling Mayfair, and repurpose the west end (after changing from matte to polished) on a burgundy or dark Havana strap. How many of the sterling may fairs did you get? I'm not sure how long my lobbying effort will take but don't want to miss out.
I've ordered from Jamison 4 times and had one return. Three of the orders and the return went great. The fourth order never arrived, and Jamison has not responded to at least a dozen emails from me. I'm not sure it's straight up ripping people off (to me, at any rate, ripping off implies some sort of intent) but it's certainly not acceptable business practice.
Car thoughts:   - they don't need to be expensive to be cool.  i'm a BMW guy and the most expensive one I've purchased has been by far my least favorite.  One of my top three favorites cost less than US$2k (if anyone else is into Bimmers, it was an e30).  The other two favorites were both under US$15k - "fast" is over-rated.  It's always more fun to drive a slow car fast than a fast car slow - a Maxima may have 300hp but it got no soul - like Mimo I currently don't...
Nothing terribly interesting, I'm afraid - Oxford in black on the MH71.     The plain black captoe has been a glaring hole in my shoe rotation and the G&Gs are really the only ones that have ever appealed to me.
Just received confirmation from Nick that my first pair of G&G are done, exactly three months after order date as promised.  Looking forward to it!
What happened to Don C?
 I like C&J HG even though they don't get a lot of love on SF.  Much better (IMO) than BG and still way cheaper than EG/G&G (esp. with recent price increases by the latter).  So EUR 395 seems like a pretty good deal if you like black wingtips (unfortunately I do not).   Looking at their site they also offer the Repton (handgrade Lowndes) which I haven't seen aside from at Ben Silver a while ago.
[[SPOILER]]  Oh my...
 A little ways back in this thread there was a discussion on this topic. Basically, Vass attempted (unsuccessfully) to gain a foothold in the US market and had to pull back.  Without knowing the business specifics I imagine the few US retailers who began stocking Vass again required exclusivity in order to protect their price points which in turn cover their risks in stocking a brand that's pretty much unrecognized outside of this Forum.
 Yeah they're not very common practice in the US because they're usually not necessary.  Over here there is for all intents and purposes no post office so pretty much everything goes through courier.
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