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So do you have to un-holster when entering a bar or is it cool there too?
Thanks for the context, guys - I don't follow the SkoAB thread so I wasn't aware of the details. It seems like Carmina is following the C&J model of implementing price floors to take the brand upmarket. I'm sure they they've done the micro economic analysis to determine that it makes sense, but it's too bad as a consumer. There's definitely a trend of brands consolidating their online footprint (eg G&G essentially getting rid of BE) to reduce price competition. I also...
doodledoc - so your hypothesis is that Skoak will match other retailers' price points (although they have not in the past) by enacting a more than 30% price increase?  Has anyone at Skoak confirmed this?
PSA: Robert Old is having a sale on AS shoes (Moore, Ramsey and Armfield).  Under US$400 shipped after deducting VAT.
In for a trouser length of the sand fresco as well.
The rounded toes look like they fit better (no creasing on the cap) and have less broguing, so therefore are more versatile.I get the leaving brands out, but since with shoes brand is a pretty good quality indicator maybe you could say what each of these is?
Well, that's one way to keep pocket flare to a minimum.
Never heard of Tom James before...was that a thing at one point?
Brenner, you seem rather hung up on this article but perhaps not this thread, as it appears you have not seen the numerous posts about the polos nor on the myriad positive experiences with KW customer service. I would point out, however, that the writer of the article you so value a) does not specify what he means by "poorly" (particularly in the context of polls), and b) wrote the piece in question several years ago
I think Cityplace is saying that you should get a bigger size than you usually do, not that the polos themselves run large.   I can't speak to the wear personally, but I think that others have not had the problem you mention.
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