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Brand new, never worn burgundy Rain last punch caps with tirmitpr sole from the recent Skoak GMTO. These are beautiful shoes and a great GMTO - a classic style with a versatile tormir (very discreet rubber) sole. I love these and was really looking forward to them but unfortunately was poorly advised on sizing. I put the right shoe in and immediately knew there's no way they're fitting. Size is UK8. As a GMTO these are not returnable to Skoak, so I'm simply trying to get...
I've had swatches sent from Huddersfield. I think there may be a small fee but not much.
About four days late to the shoe tree discussion a few pages back, but seeing all the recommendations for woodlore epics, I thought I'd put in my .02. I always use Sir Beecs, which are made in the same design as the woodlores, but are a) available by the half size (rather than S/M/L/XL) and b) cheaper. The benefit of "a" cannot be understated. They're not widely available, but you can get them at shoecare-shop.eu (there's also a UK site).
Is the new incarnation of cardelino's still recommended? Just moved back to NYC and it turns out they're across the street from my new office....
Give them a try first. I only have SS odd trousers in Soho fit, but they have a higher rise, fuller thigh, and slightly wider leg opening than the HY's I have in the same size (36 in my case).
I have both 348/58 and 337 - IME the 337 is slightly narrower around the ball (the 348 kind of flares out), but the 337 toe box is wider. Sounds like this might work for you (and the 337 is a fantastic last).
Bit lame to post your receipt showing you paid $350 in one thread, and then put it up for sale in another asking $1400.
You mean because of the extreme heel gap? I know, right?
Gino - is the length top of collar or bottom of collar?
Razl if it doesn't fit let me know
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