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Boxing Day. It's possible that they know in advance what will be in the list npbut I've never asked before the 26th.
The staff will send you a list of sale stock, and has no problem posting it. But if you're a UK8 - 10.5 the pickings will probably be thin, and models like the skye and hallam don't really come up as firsts.
In the past the winter sale has mainly been seconds and odd sizes, and the discounts not that great. Iirc I looked at a pair of audleys on jermyn st for £360 vat inclusive (not sure what they are now, but st that time they were £420, so the discount was £60). I ended up getting the same price online for firsts from a store in Austria.
I haven't seen the ealongs in person but they certainly look nicer in pictures. I have the tetburys and don't like them at all.
 Thanks for the response! How dry is the hand when made up?  The swatch seemed nearly fresco-like (but maybe just in comparison to the other stuff I was looking at).
Yes please!
Does anyone have experience (ideally comparative experience) with either the Huddersfield High Twist collection or Minnis Classic 2? I'm debating between two ~12oz mid/dark grays: A "pinhead" in the former: And a sharkskin in the latter: Appreciate any thoughts!
I think it's the lighting since 1/2 and 3/4 are the same garments but 2/3 are different (and I thunk murl and six both specified that they went with dww). Anyways, depending in cost I'd go for an SC length.
Any update on this one?
Has anyone seen the new 373 last in person? I'm finding myself attracted to the tan Fairfords.
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