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I should add, btw, that I'm happy for offers on this one. MTM's don't allow for easy price comparisons, so I'm just guessing on price. (Basically the same as something fused at SuSu for something much much higher quality to justify the brand ambiguity risk)
Two pairs of Crockett and Jones Selbournes, one in Antique Chestnut and one in black. I've worn and loved both but have come to the conclusion (about a fair part of my shoe rotation) that the fit isn't working for me. Both have been maintained with Saphir products (conditioning with Creme Universelle rather than Reno), come with flush metal toe taps, Sir Beecs shoe trees (similar to Woodlore Ultimates but the come in actual sizes rather than S/M/L/XL), original bags and...
Up for sale is a beautiful fully canvassed suit in a staple dark grey color. This was an MTM from Tom Mahan (formerly of Steed) that unfortunately just won't work for me in the shoulders (just .5" too wide) so I have to let it go. The suit is made to very high standards - in addition to being fully canvassed the manufacturing was done in Japan (not China like most MTM) with finishing in England, from 10-ounce worsted fabric made in Yorkshire. Nice details abound: working...
Yeah claghorn kills it. Good point regarding lack of green in other items.
This was my first leaning as well. I don't wear much green, which I suppose made me hesitate a bit.
Looking for some free advice. I've got a jacket coming next week after a long wait. I was initially inclined to pay the extra $35 for faster direct shipping, but on reflection realized that I could just wait an extra couple of days and get a new square out of the same money. (I recognize that this is deeply flawed logic for a variety of reasons, but what the hell) Struggling to decide between the three below, so would appreciate any input. For context, I wear mainly...
The Repton as well is a fantastic Ben Silver exclusive. If I could buy it at U.K. prices I'd do so in a heartbeat.
My quick scan in-the-thread count out us in the upper 20's for this version - so almost half way there. I haven't cross-refernced to see how many people (like me) would be cool with either version to see what actual critical mass is.
They've also been charging inflated prices for Vass when it's no more difficult to just write to Rezso, so fuck them. Good that SF management caught it.
Kent - any plans to bring back the white linen square with the leaf overlay? It's probably my most commonly used square and I wouldn't mind a second.
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