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I had to google him, but wouldn't feel any distress if he failed to make it into this discussion.How many season are there where you live?
I guess all of those (excellently selected) fabrics are available MTM, but for some reason there's a mental block for me when it comes to paying $300 for odd trousers. I'm not going to justify it, but ~$200 is my odd trouser target price. Probably anchoring bias from HY. Makes KW RTW quite appealing, with different fabric than what's currently on offer.
Great shoes! I just received shipping confirmation from Mr. Kuti on something quite similar (OE2 plain in Oxblood on U)   Unfortunately I won't be home for another week, but it will be sweet then.
That would be the obvious question but for some reason nobody ever seems to do that.I have the tetbury in waxed calf. I wore them the entire winter in NYC weather with no galoshes and they held up fine. They're basically my bad weather beaters.
^^that was my observation as well - mostly separates, and mostly blue. It's tough to buy blue odd trousers but the same/similar pattern and materials in different colors (eg something on the grey or brown spectrums) would be fantastic.
I think the lighter color of the neats may make it sufficiently spring-y.  For fall odd jackets and non-CBD suits it's gorgeous.  Who makes it?
I have a couple of pairs of HY (Italy) and I've soured on them over time (minor nits but combined with the crap service not worth getting again). I also own four KW MTM suits and they've more than lived up to expectations, and I would love to see KW offer more RTW trousers. That said, I think the adjustments I made from the base measurements were crucial. The stock measurements are likely to be a bit too slim for most. Clags is a fairly trim guy and he's getting some...
As the new owner of #s 2 and 3 I can say good stuff here. Hoping to wear the wool one tomorrow since it's cool out.
 For watch straps too?  Would be a nice "one strap" for those of us whose watch collection comprises a single item.
"Wells" is the model name of that shoe.
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