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Or a half size too big.
Yes!!! Modern is the cannoli to go for - Mikes is famous but it's crap. And Cafe Vittorio is ok but Cafe Paradiso is loads better. And the Vitello tonnato sandwich at Neptune on Salem street is perfect. I lived in the North End for years and miss the neighborhood, and the city, all the time.
Good question and good answer gents!
What don't you like about 341 and 359?
Four of these five I don't have (I have the oxford tan) - pics of all please! I'm strongly considering dark Havana and burgundy for my next dress belt purchases, and both the Scott and the bakers oak for casual. I'm going to be in double digits with equus belts before it's all over!
Brogue medallions are something of a Rorshach test, I think.
This thread is a gem. Never expected this sort of dialogue on styfo, but have really enjoyed being a part of it.
I feel this. Big time. Damn song goes through my head all day. Was on a flight the other day listening to music and all of the frozen songs were out of me head. Took off my earphones when we landed and what did they play during taxi? Oh you know.
Yeah I get that it's normal for the channel cover to peel - I was just looking to see if others has seen peeling in the same time frame. Maybe I'm OCD that I wanted to glue it back, although I'm not particularly so when it comes to other aspects of shoe care
 Munky, this is a can of worms.
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