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 A little ways back in this thread there was a discussion on this topic. Basically, Vass attempted (unsuccessfully) to gain a foothold in the US market and had to pull back.  Without knowing the business specifics I imagine the few US retailers who began stocking Vass again required exclusivity in order to protect their price points which in turn cover their risks in stocking a brand that's pretty much unrecognized outside of this Forum.
 Yeah they're not very common practice in the US because they're usually not necessary.  Over here there is for all intents and purposes no post office so pretty much everything goes through courier.
 I'm in the Middle East not Europe (so in "EMEA") and I was able to place a direct order as a new buyer a couple of weeks ago.   FWIW Americans can just set up a courier address somewhere outside of the US and have the shoes shipped there.  Starts to cut into the cost advantage over just going through a US retailer, but it's not impossible.
Cleav I really, really like those brown Westbournes. I think you should collect all of your great photos of them to send to C&J to convince them to produce as a stock model. Or maybe the rest of us should GMTO......
I always think "hipster" when I see a tie clip, and as such will not wear one for quite some time.
7 weeks was my estimate as well - I went with 42.5, U last OE2 in oxblood with no brogueing.  Looking forward to these immensely and have 2-3 more Vass orders in mind if the fit is good.
Brown and blue combos seems like an invitation for claghorn to bring a gun to a knife fight.Unsurprisingly it's still ridiculously hot here so I'm rocking multiple linen blends: [[SPOILER]] SF family:Henry CarterHoward YountCanali x Spoo
I routinely flirt with the idea of C&J Teigns, just to see if loafers look less lame when I'm wearing them than when someone else is. (I don't yet own them because my suspicion is no)
 A handgrade punchcap or stitch cap on a chiselled last.  So basically Audley or Belgrave but not on the 337, which for my particular foot is too blobby (I know it's a lovely last that works for a lot of people, just not me).  Or a Lowndes made to HG standards. Sort of basic, but I find the quality difference between HG and BG well worth the $150 but the selection on the former is so limited.
Xdawes23 -why not a monk or chukka over a derby? The lowndes on grain/dainite/341 or the tetbury brown wax/dainite/348 might do the trick bridging the casual and business you're looking for.
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