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The rounded toes look like they fit better (no creasing on the cap) and have less broguing, so therefore are more versatile.I get the leaving brands out, but since with shoes brand is a pretty good quality indicator maybe you could say what each of these is?
Well, that's one way to keep pocket flare to a minimum.
Never heard of Tom James before...was that a thing at one point?
Brenner, you seem rather hung up on this article but perhaps not this thread, as it appears you have not seen the numerous posts about the polos nor on the myriad positive experiences with KW customer service. I would point out, however, that the writer of the article you so value a) does not specify what he means by "poorly" (particularly in the context of polls), and b) wrote the piece in question several years ago
I think Cityplace is saying that you should get a bigger size than you usually do, not that the polos themselves run large.   I can't speak to the wear personally, but I think that others have not had the problem you mention.
You could probably start with Kent's website:  http://www.kentwang.com/about/polos
Careful with that one...could get uglier than a Formosa that's 2cms short in the shoulders...
@clee1982 I have both of these lasts and the 358, even though it looks narrow due to the long toe box, is the more generous fitting. I have a couple 358 in 8.5UK that are ever so slightly large, and these are sorely tempting me.  My Selbournes in the same colour are one of my favourite shoes, except that I hate the medallion and love the 337.   @Claghorn good luck with the sale and if none of these other guys moves I may be "forced" to.
 They certainly haven't, although they're pushing themselves out of good value range for me.  I think the only English maker that's come close to doubling is G&G, but as a new maker I imagine that's aligned with a strategy of operating at an early loss to build a footprint, and then leverage brand equity to boost prices later on.
 YES!!!!  I don't know why interchanging these terms irks me so much.  +1 
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