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That forum is the online version of walking by a woman putting together shirt and tie combos for her husband with the help of the department store saleswoman. I can almost hear her discussing the tan "flecks" in the tie that match the tan dress shirt. I smell cats. Can we declare war on them?
Somebody should post a link to our discussion on the About.com: Shoes Forum. Perhaps we can help them pick out shoes and they can help us pick out Xmas sweaters?
Looks like the Trib is on crack too . . . http://shoes.about.com/mbiopage.htm
Sweet Jesus. Stop the world, I want off.
Quote: Originally Posted by PLaydice Their Lacoste Essential fragrance smells great. I like the footwear and random tennis stuff like headbands and zip up track jackets. They have some great stuff for workout wear and Females too, My girlfriend wears tons of lacoste. What kind of "females"? Human?
Quote: Originally Posted by acidicboy you just gotta watch out for cannibalized watches, where the only thing authentic is the case, and also if the parts inside have been damaged... its not uncommon in the gray market. Once you find what you're looking for, its best to bring it to a service center to have it checked out. +1 Lots of parts swapping on vintage Omegas for some reason. Also, if the dial is clean, it's rare to find one that isn't...
God I hate Ticketmaster.
Lacoste is dead to me. Except for their vintage polo shirts, which I buy in white for squash and tennis.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 TCN - are you a frequent traveler? I'm surprised that, not only do you check luggage, but you also mock your business partners who don't. As I said in a post above, I probably end up on a different flight that I initially though about 50% of the time (long delays, getting on an earlier flight, getting on a EWR flight if LGA or JFK are running 3 hour delays, arriving just in time to board, etc...) so I can't really...
Last night's show in Ann Arbor was pretty good. The crowd was mellow but appreciative, which helped. Morrissey came out in a tuxedo (vented, two button, yech!) and a pre-tied bowtie. He kept it on for six or seven songs, which lent a nice effect to his appearance when he sweated through the formal shirt sans undershirt (glad I wasn't front row). Several shirt changes followed, including one shirt that he tore off and threw to the audience after only half a song. ...
New Posts  All Forums: