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pdial, where's the "superman" comment/review. That little bit of lunacy deserves broader dissemination.
I would think that most any ghey after-hours spot would have one or two.
Quote: Originally Posted by CharlesAlexander Check this one out: "This dressy slip-on is a contemporary, stylish and affordable men's dress shoe. Easily slips off and on due to double goring, this square-toed slip on looks great in black, but it's positively awesome in brown or beige." LMAO I was double gored once . . . in Pamplona. I don't think I've ever heard anything beige described as "positively awesome". This...
Quote: Originally Posted by omjk Thanks TCN. TCN - can you answer my question about buying the right width, at a 1/2 size too big, and using insoles? Tough to say, depends on the insoles and the fit, but in my limited experience in using insoles in more casual shoes, it seems to narrow the fit by about a half size, which might just work for you.
No they're not Consuls . . . I said they looked like Consuls, but a lower-end version. Although the seller says they're "custom grade", so that usually means good quality and aniline calf. If you like that style, color and sole (and they fit), it's not a bad price at all.
Church's does mark and sell "seconds" (Herrings for example sells them), and usually there is just a minor flaw or imperfection. I'm not familiar with this model, but given the sole, I would not expect them to be Church's top grade of leather. The look like Consuls, albeit non-custom grade.
Gray works well under white. I like V-necks when you're not wearing a tie, but if you wear a tie (or button up all the way), you'll end up seeing the neckline through the shirt.
Get your hands on a knit tie with a pointed end, and you'll quickly appreciate the regular square ones. I'm not clear as to what's wrong with wearing them without a sweater.
Quote: Originally Posted by yfyf I think you're going to come under a bit of flak in the next few hours. Sorry, but every time I open this thread, this comment keeps making me spit up whatever I'm drinking.
Lafont, have you tried threatening the store's owner with physical violence? If he doesn't believe you're capable, just mention something personal that you found out about him while dumpster diving. ;-)
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