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I just thought I'd post the results of darkening a stock pair of light reddish/orange/brown 405's with pure neatsfoot oil. The neatsfoot oil has also lent a nice suppleness to the stiffer leather on the tongue and around the ankle. And no, neatsfoot will not rot the stitches (unless you caked it on, but anything "caked on" would be harmful. This color represents two light coats with about five hours of dry time in between. Oh yeah, and just for the hell of...
Quote: Originally Posted by RyJ Maduro Huh? They're going hunting. Well, "shooting" technically. ;-)
Just the fabric or finished jackets? If jackets, are you looking for sleek or country?
Quote: Originally Posted by BareSolid If I bought and wore actual Wellingtons, of the traditional sort, would people think ill of me? I think they are cool as fuck but it seems women have decided to wear them instead of men. Attractive women get all the license they need, and I'm confident that wellies will be out of favor with them soon enough. If you're a man and you're wearing them, then what I think would depend on the situation you're...
If you're planning on using them heavily, there's no substitute for Le Chameau, and they'll last for decades if properly cared for. You can also buy them in different calf widths. If it's a fashion thing and you just want them for rainy days in the city, then Le Chameau is indeed overkill, and try any of the unlined versions from Barbour, Hunter, etc. I haven't been in the market for a while, but Hunter and Aigle used to make unlined partial zip boots or boots with...
Try here:
I remember when I was in college, and Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers outlets were fantastic. You had to drive a ways to get there, but you could always find cool stuff that was once in the regular store. Not this "University Club" or "346" bullshit. That being said, I doubt there's much difference between a 346 OCBD and a regular BB OCBD.
Sweet Jesus, make it stop. When will this toe shape from Arabian Nights fade? You want to know why Madden and Kenneth Cole quality is so bad? Because they keep leaving off the little bells that go on the end of these monstrosities.
Quote: Originally Posted by The Louche The "cosmetic madifications" program you are talking about is what I reffered to as MTO - "Made To Order." I am curious about more details of the true MTM program - costs (say, for a typical super 110), options, extent of modification possible, etc... It's been a while since I ordered Samuelsohn MTM, but I think at the time it was retail plus about 10%.
I don't have the suit yet, but I'd say that Alton MTM looks very similar to the Gable. Perhaps the Gable is a slimmer cut with slightly more narrow lapels? Re: Sammy MTM versus MTO . . . not sure about the terminology, but I know that they have both a true MTM program as well as one where you do your own cosmetic modifications to an off the rack suit (and I think you can do separates as well). In other words, a stock size 42L Talbot, but you add a ticket pocket, etc.
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