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Quote: Originally Posted by butterflystyle I'm under the impression that the true fun is in doing both simultaneously whilst someone else films to proceedings. Well that's where the money is.
Quote: Originally Posted by butterflystyle You're presupposing that there was fun to be seen. Was this to kick me or fellate the others? Either way, thank you.
Quote: Originally Posted by DWFII Well, like I said, leather doesn't respond well to drilling. That's why we use punches. But I'd like to see the drill bit that could make a clean cut in leather (on a curved surface) and not cut any deeper than the upper leather and not wander. I think it was you that suggested a brad point bit but while a brad point will not wander and might cut relatively cleanly (again it's leather not wood) the brad point tip...
Quote: Originally Posted by Arrogant Bastard I don't understand how J. Crew's bringing quality makers into the mainstream and simultaneously upping its own standards can possibly be a bad thing. Honestly, to the folks complaining about the "mainstreamization" of labels like Alden or Thomas Mason, who cares? Does some average schmuck's wearing of a quality item somehow diminish the quality of yours? I feel like I'm reading a rant on Pitchfork about how...
Quote: Originally Posted by DWFII Really, though...I guess it's just different eyes...the way I read it several people gave you good reasons why it wasn't a good idea. Bengal Stripe and...who was it? Journeyman?...gave you technical explanations why it wouldn't work well. That seemed pretty definitive to me. Some others posted snarky comments as well as a veiled suggestion that it was like trying to pinstripe a suit after the fact. That seemed...
Quote: Originally Posted by JohnnyLaw Are we reading the same thread? Jesus Christ, whoosh. Drill press my good man.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria I assume that what Americans call Swiss cheese is your favorite dairy product? - B Only when melted over a dead horse.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Be careful: don't perforate so deeply that you strike gemming. Sometimes, the backed up pressure of the disintegrating plastic and cardboard is so great that there is a detonation of confetti-like material through the perforation, similar to a circus clown blunderbuss going off. I learned of this danger on teh StyleForvm as well. It's a real treasure box of scholarship. - B Funny, I never...
By the way, you know you're passing up a discussion on DSquared vintages that's going on right now to harass me on perforations?
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Thoughtful points. Based on what I've read on the world's leading mens clothing forvm...teh StyleForvm...whether J. Crew x C&J succeeds or fails on whether one can perforate them after buying them. - B I think a kit could really take off, and I've contacted Glennie to pursue it.
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