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+1 I pack my shoes with socks, and then stuff them with the morning paper at the hotel after wearing. It gets absurd to travel with wooden trees, and I think those plastic ones do more harm than good, although I think Shoesnob is supposed to have some good ones now.
Hey look, no offense meant, but to the extent that we separate schools, Ferris is a shit school. That's okay though, my undergrad was shit too (although more highly thought of than Ferris natch ;-) ). Frankly, in Michigan, almost all of them are fairly weak with the exception of UofM and a handful of liberal arts colleges (maaaaaaaaaaaaybe). I will agree, that Ferris probably has a good turf management school, and I think hotel management perhaps?
My favorite part about this thread is that Ferris State is probably one of the two or three least selective schools in the state. I doubt that even the professors there wear suits to class.
Ordered in August, just arrived; Weston 180's in pebbled chocolate (with an old Parker Duofold that just arrived as well).
As others have said, a great book. My only complaint would be with the enormous format.
Wow! Nicely done.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum Just like every single other half-decent belt-maker on the planet... What? LMAO Hermes Man, Ignore Sanguis, he refuses to see both the incredible innovation and fails to grasp the enormous stress that belts receive from being cinched around a waist smaller than their engineers have designed them to fit. I believe there's a formula somewhere to figure this load out . . . Another...
Quote: Originally Posted by hermes man not really i came across alot of people like you before who thinks prada,gucci,lv only sell things with logo and everyone who has them only owns one piece of them? (of course i dont deny such person exist normally people who thinks like you, i guess great mind think alike I think you're spot on, certainly my beef with those brands is that"everyone who has them only owns one piece of them" [sic]. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by hermes man i am just trying to change the perception and misunderstanding towards Armani And how's that going for you?
Quote: Originally Posted by CMD.EXE I believe you mean the success depends on penetration, not perforation. As shown in the thread related to perforations, ie adding them and/or expanding them, one can easily perforate most anything, provided he has a drill and the corresponding drill bit. Penetration, on the other hand, is a lot more tricky. Penetration isn't his strong suit.
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