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Hi I've got to go to my sisters graduation on wednesday and need to figure out if there is anything in the suit I'm wearing that needs alterations or if it's fine. Also where do I wear my trousers from, I've seen threads on this and I've tried searching around on the internet as well but I can't find a definite answer :l    Also I have a really goofy tie that I really wanna wear as well but I don't know how exactly it will look overall, I didnt take a pic of the tie...
I wanna bid on the following but I don't know whether it's authentic or not :l   the seller has 2 positive feedback
Right, do you guys know when suits normally go on sale during the year? I know they go on sale after christmas but when else do they go on sale?
Ok I've officially bought my first suit, and I took in all the input from you guys and it really did help. I ended up buying a 2 piece navy Pal Zileri suit, but I'm kinda still stuck on wanting a 3 piece suit, I was wondering if anyone knew if Pal Zileri sold waistcoats seperately and if anyone knew where I could buy one from.   This is the suit I ended up buying, I'll prob get alterations done on it once I get it. It cost me £480  
Is £550 too much for the Paul smith suit and also how is the quality of the Duchamp suit, I've searched on here but couldn't find any proper results  :l
I'd have to pay $50 for shipping which is ok I guess, but then I'd have to pay VAT at 20% and Tax at 12%
Ok, I've thought about the things mentioned in this thread and I've found 3 suits I really like. I was wondering if you guys could give your opinions on them and help me pick the one I should buy.   First:    Duchamp MILLED PICK AND PICK 3 PIECE SUIT   Pic:  I don't think the picture does it much justice, but they also have a video of it.   Vid:   This suit will cost me...
My budget is up to £800, and local isn't really a option as most of the ones I've been to are out of my budget/ or just a plain two piece suit 
Hi I'm looking to buy my first proper suit and I came across this Oxxford one:       but the thing is it's not available in the EU, so I'd have to get it shipped and it would cost me around £300  in duty and tax. So I was wondering if anyone knew of similar style suit available in the EU. The main criteria is that it has to be navy and a 3 piece suit. I've looked around quite a bit, but can't find anything! 
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