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Looking for a Belstaff Cougar jacket, in a small size.  Preferably Green but brown works too.
Hi, I was wondering what people's opinions are on the quality of the Kooples?  I like the design of some of their stuff, slightly different, like the collars on some shirts and things like that.  But I'm a little concerned about the quality of it.  Better than mall stuff like J.Crew/Banana Republic or slightly better/worse?
So I opted for the one I got today.  It also said on the tag it was a "Huge4/Genius3" suit.  It's odd because it definitely is a less "slim" suit than the Huge on from the store, but I talked to a tailor and he can bring different parts in.  It's a little longer too.  Saved $330 though ultimately.    Suggestions though on a tie color?  Here's the suit again:   I'm wearing...
@Simone1   Wow, thanks so much for the info, really appreciate the time you've taken to share.     Yeah, I'm not entirely in love with the Tiger of Sweden but fit wise, I thought it'd be safer-ish.   I found out the model I tried in the store (the first one pictured) is a Huge/Genius model, if that makes sense.  Not sure if they're similar at all.
 How exactly does one go about figuring out the fit of the various models?  Do I just have to try them on?  I noticed on a lot of websites (both retail and company sites) that there really isn't a good explanation of how the suits all fit differently.  
Yeah, unfortunately the Hickey Freeman's are too boxey on me.  If the shoulders fit, it still can look weird on my torso. @Simone1: Yes, thanks for the input it's helpful.  I've kind of run into a time crunch so I ordered: and I'll return whichever doesn't fit great.  If worse comes to...
Thank you, you've been helpful.  You're English is really good, especially for discussing something as idiosyncratic as clothing.  
 Hi, thanks for all the info and input, it helps.  Part of my confusion to the process is just learning the terminology and what people are referring to, specifically.  When you say "high shoulders", do you mean the jacket has a higher shoulder than my shoulders do?  Or are my own shoulders too high for the suit? Thanks. Nate
This may be a basic kind of question but where should the first button start on a body?  Is it a personal preference kind of thing?  I have a long torso and short legs to sometimes jackets fit a little funny.  Here's another Theory suit (made in China I think):     My jeans that I have are rather low (on my hips), just a heads up.  The jacket seemed to fit well but is the button a little high?  Something looks a little off.  Another noob question but quality...
Yeah, I just saw the Milano which got me interested.  I hadn't considered BB, as I kind of thought of them as more of a "traditional American" type of fit.
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