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Looking for a Matchless London Leather jacket, size small.  PM me with any pics, price, and info.  Located in the US.   Thanks!
Looking for a Mister Freedom Mulholland Master jacket (preferably brown, black works though too) in a size 38.  PM me with details, price, etc.   I am located in the US, and would prefer domestic sales.   Thanks!
Hi, I saw a couple items on Yoox from Paulo Pecora.  The thing is, I have never heard of the brand and what the quality is/where it is made.   Does anyone have any information or opinions on the brand?  Any general tips on how to navigate the myriad of labels Yoox carries?   Thanks.
I'm curious as well to this brand.  Been seeing some of the casual pieces on yoox, but unsure as to quality and where it's made.  Anyone?
 Wow, that's awesome.  Thanks for the leads!
looking for a Belstaff Cougar jacket in medium. Thanks!
Cool, appreciate the link.  Really looking for a side zip and preferably a low cuban heel.  Picky, I know, but looking for something a little unique and more "pop" than the usual chelsea boot.
Will do.  I saw that Beatwear store, but am kind of skeptical.     Thanks for the Rossi tip.
I'm looking for a pair of black beatle type boots.  Not really looking for a straight chelsea, but side zip, lower cuban heel.  Any recommendations?   I know David Preston is out there but no nothing about quality or where it's manufactured.  Anyone else?   Thanks.
New Posts  All Forums: