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Thanks for advice. the rest of shirt hasnt shrunk, just the collar. I always wash shirts at 30 and hang dry so its not my washing technique (also have numerous other TmLewins that havent shrunk that much in the few years ive had them) (also believe that its normally the dryer that shrinks clothes more than the washer)   Maybe i should order 0.5" larger next time and slightly more fitted so it doesnt drown me!   Collar extenders seem a bit drastic to me. I...
personally i think the 40 looks better.   i think the 38 looks creased (so it doesnt help matters) but it also looks tighter when done up around your button!
i can imagine the answer to this is quite simply "nothing" but....     Bought some new shirts recently (Harvie Hudson) and they fitted at first.   Since then, the collar button seems to have tightened somewhat so it makes it possible but almost painful to do the top button.   I know most collars shrink but these seem to have more than other brands.   I like the shirts (and spent money on them) so was wondering what others would do in my situation? (I...
Bought this shirt recently. http://www.harvieandhudson.com/product/362/Shirts/Clearance_Shirts The pink is brighter than the picture and I'm not sure what type of tie/s to wear with it??? Doesn't need to be trendy, just formal!! Thanks in advance.
Help with jackets/blazers....... So having recently turned 30 I have done away with my casual jeans and hoodies and started dressing smart/casual. dark jeans or chinos with shirt and v neck are my staple. I have always HATED jeans and a jacket but more recently have been drawn to thinking about it as an alternative to the shirt and v neck. I reckon my hatred comes from people wearing suit type jackets which just doesn't work. So my question is what type of...
You do realise there is a random foot sticking out behind you???Also think the bad length tie/knot makes the shirt seem worse. With a better tie, the shirt may look better????
Hi all Just interested to know people's thoughts on fragrance in relation to fashion. I will always wear some kind of fragrance (usually applied to chest after shower) I have "suit" fragrances and "casual" ones. I go by the 2 foot rule. Also gone old school recently with an obsession with Aramis or 4711 original cologne. Any rules people go by? Anyone else have Typical "suit" fragrances? Or is it something people don't think about as much as I do? Do people have one...
The typical high street "stripes on stripes" shirt and tie set.
Top button undone but tie still on. Looks sloppy as ****
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