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  SuitSupply Hermes Kent Wang white linen with leaf Magnanni Omega Seamaster Professional Diver 300 Co-Axial
  My first linen tie.  2 questions for the forum:  1) I was unsuccessful in making any kind of a dimple (dimple or no dimple for linen?); and 2) what's the best way to remove wrinkles from a linen tie (steamer or iron) - or does it matter?   Suit:  SuitSupply (Napoli fit) Tie:  PRL PS:  PRL Shoes (not shown):  Magnanni single strap monks (cognac)
  Suit:  Local Bespoke Tie:  Hermes Shirt:  Local Bespoke PS:  Neiman Marcus
In Vegas for a conference.  Pic before last night's dinner and post-dinner cards. Note:  I'm not a fan of suit sans tie, but guys who wear ties to craps tables tend to get punched in the face (unless, of course, you refer to yourself as "Bond").    
        suit: local bespoke shirt: Hugo Boss Tie:  Polo PS:  Robert Talbott Scarf:  Charles Tyrwhitt cashmere Links:  Gold with Lapis inserts Watch:  Rolex Cellini Shoes:  Magnanni double monks   Camera:  Iphone 4s (smh -- if I had a penny for every pixel in each photo, I'd have one cent )
Also posted in the Friday 4 pattern challenge thread:  
  PS looks great.  Skillfully coordinated and no matchiness!  
In meetings today, so I had to keep it pretty conservative.  Hopefully this still satisfies the entry requirements (if not, maybe the 5th pattern bonus pic gets me over the hump).         Office artwork 5th pattern bonus pic:   
Note -- Shirt is a pale lavender
(gratuitous pic of Howard Yount paisley purple shadow PS)
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