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  I must be a troll because my hair wasn't going anywhere, at least for this interview. ;) I have one coming up with another company as VP of sales (they do lab instrumentation). At that point it will become a serious consideration, but it'll be a hard decision. I've been growing it for the past 10+ years.   My default for this suit is a simple white slim cut shirt with a black (almost) skinny tie. It's nothing special: Ben Sherman, 2.75" width. However, I just moved and...
First post here!   Keeping it mild for an interview today. My apologies for the cell phone pic quality! I really wish there was another inch to let out length wise in these pants and the shoes need serious improvement.  
I'll definitely check out the 513's and see if they're any better!   Any tips on where to find the Scotch & Soda brand? I know I'm going to have to travel to find them, but want to know where to look.  The nicest place I have available locally is a Macy's...   Luckily, I'm moving back to Seattle in a few months and I'll be visiting friends in Portland and Spokane in the next few weeks.
Just like the title says, I'm seeking your guy's advice on some new jeans.    Up until a few years ago I couldn't stand jeans. I refused to wear them - period. When I did venture into the world of denim slim cuts definitely appealed to me, and I haven't worn anything else.    I rotate through three pairs of Levi 511's and a pair of Gap 1969 "Skinny". I wish they all had some more crotch room! The only way I've been able to be comfortable in them is to sag them...
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