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  So, so cool.    
  OK, someone messaged me ahead of you and I've promised it to them, but drop me a PM anyway on the off chance that doesn't work out. (Assuming, of course, that the shoulders would work for you.)
I've got two pair of those (also picked up at the Rack).  Great buy IMHO.
    Even n00bs find stuff sometimes.  
Picked up two things today.   NWT Vineyard Vines Golf Tie (available, not that anyone will want this):     [[SPOILER]]   Raleigh Denim, Size 34.  Possibly available:     [[SPOILER]]
What we've got here is a 100% Cashmere Sport Coat made for Giorgio of Beverly Hills.  I have reason to believe it's by Belvest.  (Evidence: the "Pure Cashmere" tag is the same one they use, a search of the forums reveals that Giorgio's SCs were made by Belvest and Brioni, and the font on the lining seems to be the same one Belvest uses on theirs.)  But I make no guarantees.    It doesn't really matter who made this, though.   It's obviously quality.  Beautiful...
What we've got here is a very nice, half-lined Harris Tweed.   MEASUREMENTS Shoulder to shoulder: 18.5" Length from bottom of collar: just shy of 32" Sleeves from shoulders: 26" Pit to pit: 21.5"   The outside looks great.  No holes or stains.    I did just notice two small spots on the *inside* of the jacket that might be stains.  (I'm not really sure, though!  There are a lot of colors in this weave.  These could just be irregular patches?)  See the...
Nope!  Upstate NY.
[[SPOILER]]   Ran across this today.  Took a pic for all the Vonnegut fans out there.  
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