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Two things today, both available:   (1) 44R Brooks Brothers made in Italy 100% cashmere overcoat.  Black.  Hidden placket.  There are a couple spots where the lining is fraying, but very nice overall.   [[SPOILER]]     (2) Crazy Orvis SC.  40R/L.  (I wear a 40L, and it fits me perfectly, except it's about a 1/2-3/4 inch shorter than would be ideal).   [[SPOILER]]
A humanitarian shipment from Ian Erickson arrived this morning.  Finally, the crisis is over.  A new era of plenty has just begun.     Seriously, though, there were about a million shirts in there.  A million nice shirts.  And a ton of extras!  Mad props to Ian.  Thanks for making this first trade so successful.       On another note, I did a quick thrift trip this morning and picked up a beautiful Harris Tweed.  This has got to be the nicest fabric that...
still available.
Not much today, but did find some cool ties and a Canali linen shirt.  I think I'm keeping all of it.   [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
Picked up two Hickey Freeman Collection orphans today. (Actually, I picked these up as suits.  But the pants.... let us not speak of the pants.  You don't want them.  Trust me. )   Size 42R.  Available for cost + shipping.     [[SPOILER]]
Grabbed a Fidelity peacoat in size 40 today.  (I'm pretty sure it's the first one listed on http://fidelitypeacoat.com/)  It fits me well, but it's a little short in the sleeves and I'm not sure I want to spend more to have it altered. So if anyone is interested and has something cool to trade, I'm all ears.     [[SPOILER]]
This has been a great couple of weeks for me.  First I found a pair of Raleigh Denim jeans in my size.  Then today I found a pair of Alden chukkas in fantastic shape, and they fit!  Almost makes me believe in a higher power (not that I've done anything to deserve this).   [[SPOILER]]   The weird thing is that I just traded Ian Erickson a pair of CDBs that were too big for me, so I was thinking about buying a pair of chukkas.  Even weirder is that I found these at a...
  So, so cool.    
  OK, someone messaged me ahead of you and I've promised it to them, but drop me a PM anyway on the off chance that doesn't work out. (Assuming, of course, that the shoulders would work for you.)
I've got two pair of those (also picked up at the Rack).  Great buy IMHO.
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