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What we've got here is a pair of Raleigh Denim jeans made for Barney's Co-op's 25th anniversary.  Really, really nice jeans, but they're a little bit bigger than I'd like.  Still very dark, though there are some creases along the sides of the legs that have faded.  I can send more pics to anyone interested.    (If you want more info on this model, see this ebay auction:...
Two things today, both available:   (1) 44R Brooks Brothers made in Italy 100% cashmere overcoat.  Black.  Hidden placket.  There are a couple spots where the lining is fraying, but very nice overall.   [[SPOILER]]     (2) Crazy Orvis SC.  40R/L.  (I wear a 40L, and it fits me perfectly, except it's about a 1/2-3/4 inch shorter than would be ideal).   [[SPOILER]]
A humanitarian shipment from Ian Erickson arrived this morning.  Finally, the crisis is over.  A new era of plenty has just begun.     Seriously, though, there were about a million shirts in there.  A million nice shirts.  And a ton of extras!  Mad props to Ian.  Thanks for making this first trade so successful.       On another note, I did a quick thrift trip this morning and picked up a beautiful Harris Tweed.  This has got to be the nicest fabric that...
still available.
Not much today, but did find some cool ties and a Canali linen shirt.  I think I'm keeping all of it.   [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
Picked up two Hickey Freeman Collection orphans today. (Actually, I picked these up as suits.  But the pants.... let us not speak of the pants.  You don't want them.  Trust me. )   Size 42R.  Available for cost + shipping.     [[SPOILER]]
Grabbed a Fidelity peacoat in size 40 today.  (I'm pretty sure it's the first one listed on http://fidelitypeacoat.com/)  It fits me well, but it's a little short in the sleeves and I'm not sure I want to spend more to have it altered. So if anyone is interested and has something cool to trade, I'm all ears.     [[SPOILER]]
This has been a great couple of weeks for me.  First I found a pair of Raleigh Denim jeans in my size.  Then today I found a pair of Alden chukkas in fantastic shape, and they fit!  Almost makes me believe in a higher power (not that I've done anything to deserve this).   [[SPOILER]]   The weird thing is that I just traded Ian Erickson a pair of CDBs that were too big for me, so I was thinking about buying a pair of chukkas.  Even weirder is that I found these at a...
  So, so cool.    
  OK, someone messaged me ahead of you and I've promised it to them, but drop me a PM anyway on the off chance that doesn't work out. (Assuming, of course, that the shoulders would work for you.)
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