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  Sweet.  Great information. Thanks!  
Saw and passed on two cool Aquascutum suits in size 44 at a Philly area thrift store.  PM me if you want deets.   I think they were priced about $20 each.
  That's what I thought when I first looked at the label, but at the bottom of the tag it says that the pants are lined with 100% cotton.  That made me think that it must be an orphan.  Do you think that's a red herring, though?
Two finds today, both AVAILABLE for trade.  Where my 46Rs at?!?   (1) Polo Ralph Lauren Made in Italy (by Corneliani, yes?) Tweed SC with nice leather buttons and elbow patches.  3/2 roll.  Looks like it was worn maybe a couple times.  Still has spare buttons in one of the pockets.   [[SPOILER]] (2) Ralph Lauren Purple Label (by St Andrews, yes?).  This is an orphan, I think, but it seems like it could be rocked as a SC.  Thoughts?  Sorry that the pictures suck so much. ...
PM sent.
Two things, both available for trade:   (1) LL Bean Original Field Coat in Dark Brown, with Wool/Nylon lining.  Size S, but fits like a Medium.  (Here's a link to Bean's page for the coat: http://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/18215?feat=original%20field%20coat-SR0&page=original-field-coat-with-wool-nylon-liner).  Can send pics if anyone is interested.  Not sure it was ever worn.    (2) Also, I picked up an awesome LL Bean Blackwatch Duffle coat, size medium. ...
It's shell week for me.   First, I found a nice pair of shell Florsheim Imperials.  These fit, so they're not available.  They were pretty gnarly looking when I got them (which is probably why they were still at the store), but they're polishing up nicely.  My arm is sore from brushing...   [[SPOILER]]   Then today I grabbed a pair of Brooks Brothers Made in England shoes.  These are also shell.    Google suggests that these were probably made by Alfred Sargent (because...
Very cool Paul Stuart suit.  40L.  93% wool, 7% cashmere.  Grey/black houndstooth.  Ticket pocket.  No belt loops -- just adjustable side tabs.  Side vents. Great condition.  Doesn't look like it was worn much, if at all?   *Almost* fits me, but is about 1/2 inch too big in the shoulders.        [[SPOILER]]   Available, but my financial situation is pretty bad right now, so this will go on ebay soon.     MEASUREMENTS:   Pants waist: 33" Inseam: 32" (plus 1.75"...
Hit the store this afternoon and ran across a busted old J Press blazer with some Ben Silver buttons:   [[SPOILER]] There's some wear to them, but they still look good.  Will probably be the first thing I try to sell on ebay.   Strangely, it looks like Ben Silver doesn't make these for Cornell anymore. 
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