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Patagonia Drifter A/C, size 10.5 (but fits more like a 10 or maybe even a 9.5).  Available.  [[SPOILER]]
Two sweet Pendleton finds (n/a):  [[SPOILER]] And the g/f found a sweet Gloverall in size 36. Haven't had a chance to try it on yet, but probably will be avail., since it's almost certainly too short in the arms for me.  [[SPOILER]]
Here's some stuff I'm looking to trade. LL Bean Norwegian Sweater (100% wool, so one of the newer ones).  Size large, but cut very big, so more like an extra large: [[SPOILER]]   Some ties.  L to R: BB linen, Lands End, BB, vintage madras for local men's shop. [[SPOILER]]   J Press short sleeve shirt.  Large. [[SPOILER]]   Canali linen shirt.  Marked a 40/15.75, but fits a bit larger than that.   [[SPOILER]]   BB Extra Slim Fit 16/35 [[SPOILER]]   I'm a M and a 40L or...
Available: a made in USA Pendleton board shirt.  Size medium.  21.25" P2P and 22.25" sleeves from shoulder seam.  There are three small holes near the hem, but they're not noticeable (I discovered them only once I held the shirt up to the window). I'm getting rid of this because the sleeves are about 1" to 1.5" too short for me. [[SPOILER]]   What I'm looking for: another Pendleton board shirt (they're really cool!) in size Medium with ****24"+ sleeves****. 
Hey guys, let's all be friends again.    
Available for trade: Recent LL Bean Norwegian Sweater (the 100% wool kind).  Large.  [[SPOILER]]
 Nice grab!  I have a similar baur foradori loden coat.  I love it.
  THRIFT SYNERGY.  Found this yesterday, also Blarney Woolen Mills:  
I'm keeping this, but was just curious what that kind of back was called.     Thanks for the keyword!  The first image that came up when I googled "Norfolk-inspired" was Basil Rathbone.  Hah.  
[[SPOILER]]   This is pure brag, and not available (it fits).  PRL cotton/hemp(!) sport coat with triple pleated (?) flap patch pockets and a weird back (what do you call that?).  Also, working buttons on the cuffs.     Found in a town where you would never expect to run across something this cool.  
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