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Gentlemen, I read a few of the posts in this thread and would like to invite you to enter a free contest on my website.   http://www.clothpersona.com/#!get-featured/c1b71   I'm very interested in learning about men's style as it goes across cultures, whether it be across nations or across a city.  I do not receive any money from anyone to do this, I'm just very curious.  Small prizes are currently given out by a randomized computer and your name will be entered upon...
Hi MrTopCat, The pocket distance will only bother those looking for it.  If the suit didn't have the extra ticket pocket, it would be less noticeable.  Keep this in mind the next time around as the horizontal flap pockets accentuate this kind of alteration.  Does the jacket still cover your backside?Again, you are dressing for yourself, so make sure you love it.  It sounds like you have a very small reservation about the new jacket balance and by classical tailoring...
Hi MrTopCat, The traditional advice for the length of a suit coat is that with your arms straight down your sides you should be able to cup your hands while just grazing the very bottom of the coat.  From the photo it looks like you could actually grab the bottom of your coat when you cup your hands, so my advice is to get it shortened first.If you feel comfortable and you really like it, then to hell with what others think.  These days the trend is towards shorter jackets...
Ah, they need to fix that... maybe call a rep for the exact measurements? They need to kick their webmaster's butt.  To have such an important function not work properly for so long is not acceptable.
Hi Artyrau,Do you know your measurements?  If you don't I suggest you get them done by your tailor and then look at the "size advisor" section on Suitsupply's website.  They have exact measurements for the main points of the jacket and pants, such as shoulders, sleeve length, etc...If you want a quicker solution, just measure the suit that fits you well and compare those measurements with the Napoli and the Washington measurements.I hope this helps.Kind Regards,
Why aren't you sure?If you're going for a slim fit, it looks fine.  If you don't like the slight pull at the top button then you might want to either size up or get your tailor to let it out a little. 
Hi Clarinetplayer, Very nice.  I don't think cuffs are controversial at all, been around for ages and they help the pants drape better if it's a heavier fabric. What size are your pant cuffs?  I think I want to increase mine to around 2 inches.  I think my alterations tailor only put a 1.5 inch cuff.   Did you do any alterations?  The suit fits you well and I like the brown and blue combinations.     Kind Regards,
Hi International,Peak lapels are normally considered an elegant and more formal option for a suit coat, but these days you see them all over.  If you are more traditionally inclined then you might want to just keep it with the complete suit.  If you are on the rakish side then feel free to do as you please, as long as you are happy with the result.I own a Washington suit in mid-grey flannel wool and I only wear them together, sometimes with a vest I had made in the same...
Hi Dolgovaa, Leather shoes should not be worn through the snow and rain without proper protection.  If you must wear them out, then I suggest galoshes to go over your shoes before you leave the house.  Another option is to wear weather appropriate boots and then change into your nice shoes at the office.  There are also ways to treat your shoes with products to reduce the negative effects of the harsh weather.Kind Regards,
Not to distract from HY's great stuff, but have you tried the tiebar.com?  They've got a variety of widths.  I'm a small guy, but I prefer 3" minimum.
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