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Bump! Big discount 120$ -> 60$   Want this gone. I like it but is has been sitting in my closet for way too long. I'd better sell it at a low price to someone who would wear it :)
Bump! Big discount 100$->40$.   Want this gone :)
Auto quoting myself. From today, EXTRA10 at TBS. Some exclusions but worked on Arc'teryx Veilance.
Do you guys think that TBS will release an extra % code?   I did a bit of research on the forum but didn't find if they did it last year at the same time period.
I've got a Poeme Bohemien shirt (formerly Nicolo Cesci Berrini if i remember well). Quality of materials and treatement are both top notch. I confirm the +1 in size. My 44 shirt is a 46TTS.     You can find a lot of Poème Bohémien on Yoox at -50%.   For those digging that style, Transit Uomo is another highly underrated brand ;)
Long cardigan in cotton from Lad Musician. Great color, very good condition. Slight piling. Size 40. I would say a tts XS.       Interested in trading with some Arcteryx Veilance stuff in XS, by the way.
Overshirt by WJK. Great quality as usual with WJK. Thick cotton, kinda warm. Closed by two hooks.   Tagged M, but would fit a XS to slim S. Overall good state, i would say a 7/10.  
More like an interest check. Not in a hurry to sell those ;) Selling because i'm moving on to some more techwear oriented outfits. Interested in trading with some Arcteryx Veilance stuff in XS, by the way.   Awesome reversed cordovan InAisce boots. Size is 40. I am usually a 6.5UK and they are just perfect.   Built to last forever, vibramed since day one. I think those were made by Layer-0 for InAisce. Quality is awesome.
Selling my Attachment high collar wool coat. In black, size 1.   Very nice coat, unfortunately a bit snug on me (see the fitpic).   Good condition, like a 7-8/10. Worn, some minor fabric loss on the edges but nothing noticeable. Lining was partly changed by a tailor, now in perfect condition.   Will ship from France. Shipping to US is around 25-30$.   I included the AW12 lookbook picture. The coat i sell is the same in black.   Interested in trading with some...
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