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I was about to order another pair of NS since I outgrew my old ones, but then I found this thread on the front page. A big thanks to whoever bumped this thread! I've got a pair in the mail now and I'm super stoked... BTW, I'm guessing we're not supposed to soak these before wearing?
What was in the wrong shipment that they gave you for free?
Quote: Originally Posted by postal007 I'm 5'11" and 150lbs and usually a TTS small, and I wear a M in the tiger fleece hoodie (from the latest season). It fits me pretty spot on. I also have a terry hoody from S/S 09 in M and it fits just about the same, spot on. You could probably get away with a M slim fit from the previous seasons. Hmm well I'm 6'2", 170lbs and usually a TTS medium. I have a classic fit terry hoody from SS08 in a medium...
I hope I'm not totally highjacking this thread - if I am and this is inappropriate, just don't respond . Anyway, how do you figure out logistics when it comes to backpacking? I've decided I definitely want to backpack around Asia/Europe alone sometime, but where would I go to start researching how to get from place to place, what kind of route to plan, how to communicate with locals who speak a diff language, where to stay, etc?
I bought a pair of Routes, and I figured I'd post my fit experience in case anyone else was in a similar boat. I'm a very skinny guy at 6'2", 155lbs, but my true waist is about 32.5". I bought the Routes in size 32, and although the waist fit fine, the general fit was waaay looser/baggier than I would've liked. I was hoping for the fit cristeza posted earlier (probably not smart of me to go 3 sizes higher than him then ) but the result looks nothing even close - far...
Quote: Originally Posted by bsyde82 seriously considering this watch. my only point of hesitation is uncertainty over the true color of the brown strap. I've seen it range from a lighter caramel to a darker reddish-brown color. Are there multiple brown straps out there? Anyone want to provide some first hand experience with these watches? Thanks I purchased mine from http://cgi.ebay.com/Seiko-ALBA-Riki-...3A1%7C294%3A50, and the strap's color...
I just did a search, and surprisingly, I couldn't find an answer: I just bought a pair of Routes. Should I hot soak before wearing them?
I asked this earlier in the thread to no avail . I also searched all 32 pages here and all pages in the sufu Clarks thread, and it seems no one has talked about it either (which is surprising since it seems like it would be a common concern). Anyway, how do you guys clean your beeswax DB?
So it's been asked a couple times in this thread, but it seems like no one ever replies: how do you guys clean your beeswax DBs? I'm about to use some Dr. Bronners or Obenauf's White Jaguar leather cleaner to clean some puke off of mine (or maybe I should leave it on because it adds character!), but I'm a little paranoid...
hate to keep up all this discussion on sizing, but oh well: i'm 6'2, 150lbs w/ a 35" chest, and i went for a medium w/o hesitation since my entire wardrobe is sized medium... but since LA Guy seems a fair bit stockier than me (at 5'11", ~165lbs), and he's the poster boy for the mediums, does this mean that i shoudl be going for a small instead (or even XS)?? and does this mean my entire wardrobe may be oversized?? in any case, really excited about this shirt!
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