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Bump, NC jacket left... accepting offers!
I have some button-up shirts, some jackets, and some hoodies that I want to shrink. If the tag on them says "wash cold" or "tumble dry low" or "do not tumble dry," are these rigid guidelines that I have to follow? What I want to know is: can I give clothes with these tags a hot wash/hot dry if I want them to shrink? Thanks in advance for any input!!
I rarely post on 2+2 but I've learned a ton from it... and cash games only, can't stand donkaments .
W+H hoodie and EG jacket are sold (can't edit my post). NC jacket still available
UPDATE: Wings + Horns slim fit hoodie back up for sale! It was on hold for a month (yes, a long time lol) but then the buyer backed out due to Paypal problems or something... Anyway, it's still BNWT, still $230 shipped. 1) Wings + Horns SS08 french terry hoodie; black, sized medium, slim fit -I purchased this hoodie from TNT Blu in Canada, but it turned out to be slim fit when I was looking for a classic fit. TNT Blu doesn't accept returns, however, so I'm reselling it...
So when people measure "pit to pit" what exactly are the points they measure from? Is it just chest circumference divided by 2? ie do you just stretch the piece out so that there's no overlapping around the pits so you can measure chest circumference divided by 2... or something else?
Quote: Originally Posted by constant struggle stay with the apcs for a year you lack dedication haha I agree, I definitely lack dedication. But I've been browsing these forums a lot, and damn... I gotta have something new!
I've owned a pair of APC NS for 3 months or so, and as happy as I am with them, I'm thinking about getting a new pair of jeans. I'm 6'2", 165lbs - so I'm tall and skinny. What jeans do you guys think would look flattering on my body type? I'm thinking something somewhat slim (although certainly not super slim)... I would really like a fit like this: http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f2...l/DSCF0991.jpg or http://i50.photobucket.com/albums/f3...DSC_0059-2.jpg ...
http://www.steelcase.com/na/leap_wor...s.aspx?f=11853 Steelcase Leap Worklounge This may not be ideal for your living room, but I thought I'd throw it out there. Ergonomics on this is probably excellent, and the ottoman doubles as a laptop stand. Plus, it looks beautiful IMO in the right fabrics, although again it may not be suited for your living room. I'm personally in a huge dilemma between replacing my Aeron with this or the Humanscale Freedom... the Aeron...
This may be irrelevant (TBH I need a 2nd post to send a PM lol), but I purchased a long sleeve t-shirt from oneoffclothing.com (which is no longer up, hmm) a while back, and it was unwearable. One sleeve was MUCH wider than the other, and the fit was asymmetrical all over. I've also ordered other AA clothing from this site that turned out fine. Anyone know what's up? Is this a common problem w/ AA's quality control, a problem specific to oneoffclothing.com, or just an...
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