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I have a $230 Self Edge gift code for sale for $190. I just had it re-sent to me today by SE so it's 100% current and works. The code was e-mailed to me, and I will forward it on over to the buyer. It's been a loooong time since I've sold anything here so I'm not sure what's normal to prove I'm a legitimate seller but if you have suggestions, let me know. If you seem like a very reputable guy, I may be willing to accept payment after you spend the coupon to prove it...
So I left my huge suitcase in the trunk of a Beijing taxi and... there goes half my wardrobe! Now I need to replace the items one at a time -- favorite items first, of course -- but the gunmetal rivets are sadly sold out in 34 already. Are they getting another restock anytime soon? Also the brushed graphite rivets appear to be the same fabric and similar color as the gunmetals. Can anyone describe the difference?
How much do rivet chinos shrink in the wash and is there a way to keep them from shrinking? The 34 fits me perfectly pre-wash... but any tighter and they'd be too tight for sure, so I'm scared to wash them. For my next chino purchase, would it work if I go up to a 36 and just hot wash the hell out of them?
Any plans for more point collar shirts in the "beefy Japanese oxford cloth" (especially in white!)?
I saw these at the store. The ones without the weird blots all over them are nice. The color and buttons are great, the fit slim and long-ish (great for tall guys). The material is heavy and doesn't seem to breathe very well, though, so I don't think they'd be comfortable during the summer or if you're gonna be active in them ie dancing. The ones w/ the blotting are just bizarre. I'm not sure what they were thinking with those: they just look defective more than...
Quote: Originally Posted by jarude Just got my first two Gitman Vintage shirts in the mail, and wow. Simple white and blue ocbds, but man am I glad I sold my BoO shirts to get these. Sleeves are a tad short, but the collar and the material can't be beat. Do your blue and white obcds fit differently? I had the grey in M which fit fine, then I got the white in M and it fits significantly smaller! Why would you do such a thing, Gitman?? So now I...
shaftoe looks like one guy i would not mess with
Size 32; I'm 6'2", 180lbs with a 34" waist size:
Those fit you awesome tonio and nice jeans (I think), what's your chest size? Here's me in a medium grey... anyone else have issues w/ the back popping out like that? Seems like Gitman medium-smalls would be popular, someone needs to get on that.
Quote: Originally Posted by MichaelPemulis Overall, nice shirt for a good price. I prefer the seersucker and may send the white one back. I don't think the 3sixteen shop allows returns, only exchanges.
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