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If you're here, you probably know what this is. I purchased this in the August round but have lost a lot of weight recently and should have gone with the 33. Never worn aside from trying it on, still with tags. Retail on this was $235, I'm letting it go for $210 shipped CONUS.
Putting in measurements once I know what I want is fine. Browsing for what I want is a nightmare.
Navy stretch rivet looks a fair bit darker than the navy canvas in the pics. Is that true to color?
I believe that is the pinpoint oxford shirt from 2010. #KnowYourEPHistory
Maybe not the right thread for this but hey what the hell, there was a nutrition debate a couple pages back. For the lifters: any tips on how clothing sizes change while doing a lean bulk (as little fat gain as possible)? For pants, is it a good guess that waist size wouldn't change very much but thighs obviously would? But by how much? And what about for shirts? I've dropped from 17% BF to 14% BF recently, with more to go, and it's looking like I've got to replace my...
Wondering about this as well. I have a pair of oxford cloth rivets from a few years back that have just been laying around since they're so much tighter than all my other rivets. Maybe it's something to do with the oxford?All the shrivet talk has me thinking about turning them into shorts but if they're tight as pants I imagine they're way too tight for shorts.
Man these videos are dangerous. Saw the pics when the newsletter shipped this afternoon and was impressed but not completely sold. After checking out the videos and hearing Mike's comments, I'm all aboard the hype train. Betcha sales go up if you add embedded videos to the core product pages.
Appreciate the help, guys. I've listened and narrowed it down to a navy wool Lazio vs navy wool cotton Hudson. Any final advice or should I flip a coin? In case it helps, I'm an athletic 6'2" 190lbs and suiting up only for weddings.
So should a first time noob suit buyer disregard susu's fit descriptions and just pick any style at the right size and a good price?There are so many damn options, I don't even know where to begin. And frankly, to my eyes they all look the same!
After a bunch of squatting and lunging up the stairs, I'm here to report back that Mike was right: Cramertons have indeed stretched out a whole lot. Sizing up would have been a mistake. Top block is now very close to my other rivets in the same size if not ever so slightly slimmer (could have more to stretch). They taper more aggressively though (which I like), presumably since the top block stretches out more than the bottom half.
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