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 Possible "bromance" brewing??
 Mhmm yeah cause it wasn't creepy the first time ahah! 
Looking sharp Frills!Oh wow don't work too hard there mate, wouldn't want you to strain your self!  
Now i only saw this quote.. completely out of context.. i really am hoping thats not literal 
Now here's a man that knows a good team!! 
You might as well try it out, for a price like that it seems pretty good  Another safe one to get would be a Seiko 5, they seem to be a pretty solid watch to get
I absolutely love that strap! Black and brown are to normal, the blue pops!Frills good choice mate! 
   Don't get me wrong i love the Alpinist, but i feel that brown straps aren't as versatile as black straps Heres a suggestion:  SARB065 Cocktail Time
  yeah thats kinda me in a nutshell, I'm trying to post more often but i don't have the copious amounts of knowledge in watches as the rest of you "regulars" have
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