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 Rotary doesn't really get referenced much, but as one who owns one they keep pretty good time. Their movements are usually simple Japanese or Chinese movements thats how they can get away with having "Established in Switzerland" printed on the face. Back to the movement, mine runs a tad fast but i guess thats better then running late! Personally i would pay the RRP that they're asking, but i got mine on sale so i was happy! A Pic of the beaut! 
 Frilly I was just about to comment about how you can say its perfect when its got all those little marks on the face! Then i remembered that the screen on my Mac hasn't been cleaned for a while  ahaha  Note: i would of hidden the image but i really don't think the rest of the guys would mind seeing this beauty again  
 I wouldn't buy a new strap for itKnowing Stührling, i'd almost just buy a new watch for the same price you can get a good quality leather strap for. Although if your heart is content on this exact watch id say a nice navy blue leather strap (with or without the crocodile skin embossing) would look alright.. But buy the time you bought one of those you could almost just pick up a nice new Seiko 5 automatic which would be more worthwhile in my opinion
 Possible "bromance" brewing??
 Mhmm yeah cause it wasn't creepy the first time ahah! 
Looking sharp Frills!Oh wow don't work too hard there mate, wouldn't want you to strain your self!  
Now i only saw this quote.. completely out of context.. i really am hoping thats not literal 
Now here's a man that knows a good team!! 
You might as well try it out, for a price like that it seems pretty good  Another safe one to get would be a Seiko 5, they seem to be a pretty solid watch to get
I absolutely love that strap! Black and brown are to normal, the blue pops!Frills good choice mate! 
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