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Epitomised exactly, ... an Oedipus complex (something I lecture on)
Excellent idea for my next punt on the Isis or Cam! ... And don't forget the boaters hat!.... And this ....And this ...Talk about putting it together.
... or else if you shop at Huntsman, Savile Row (although its not a bad investment)
It depends how much money you have (yawn)
British fashion has old roots: Butterfly (DuChamp) designs are based on 1700-1800s dandyism (as are Alexander McQueens) and historical criticism makes SF look like compliments. Thus weekend wear is fair game as were the dandies.   The classic Paul Smith shirt and the classic hacking jacket are icons of Britain. Whether they belong together is a different question.   Offend the iconic Paul Smith shirt at your peril. My bespoke classic PS shirt (not shown here) I...
Originally Posted by FlyingMonkey " Hacking jacket, please just stop." ... in a single word 'no'
Paul Smith shirt MTM including Tahatian mother of pearl buttons and hacking jacket* by Ralph Lauren. Brown corduroy pants (not shown) .   As above with Ralph Lauren Purple Label silk knit (navy blue) and mother of pearl tie pin. Tie knot is Pratt-Shellby.     * This is a 3-button hacking jacket, technically the top button should be undone, although the bottom button is undone.
PSGuy aside from your style, always thought there was other cool stuff too. Now I know your an Anglophile!
No reason at all. Macclesfield field Jacquard weave silk is beautiful stuff and IMO superior to Turnbull and Asser*. My T&A ps are dull and some of my Maccleafield ps is amazing.* Mother's side worked in the Macclesfield silk industry hence my opinion may not be objective
Looks like the medieval guys who ruled Egypt and the Middle East after the failed French conquest of Egypt.Looks super!! What a ps!
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