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Quote: Originally Posted by NOBD Tried cropping about 75% of the air (which is not very interesting) out and make it a really wide pic? The sky is there for a reason. If I didn't want it in the frame, I could have shot 3 less pictures.
The Dark Knight Rises, brought to you by Cialis.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim Tweaked to fix some things that were annoying me. lessened the angle on the right hand side of the frame as much as I could by re-stitching. Angled the left side a bit to visually balance it, and made the focus downtown. Brightened it up a few notches. re-cropped. etc.
It's a noble thing to aim for making something like Raiders. It's just plain stupid to TELL people that's what you are doing though.
Quote: Originally Posted by TyCooN It gets tricky. We can't exactly just slip on some 16ouncers hit on each other. Maybe running a few miles. It's relaxing, fun, good for everyone, and there can be some sights to see. Or you could go on a date. What's his name, by the way? :P
Quote: Originally Posted by ektaylor Is Picasso still in town? Sold out forever. Edit: looks like it's gone now anyways.
Quote: Originally Posted by TyCooN Yea, stuff like that is fine. You have any ideas for places to do activities at with the dates? I only have the aquarium, zoo, and gas works park in mind right. Fuck man, what do I look like, Hitch? Am I getting paid for this? There's like 500 things going on every day. Pick something
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Or typos. It should have read, "That wasn't..." You should be more careful. I'm explosive like guano.
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackhood I've never understood why Batshit = crazy. As far as I can tell it just lays there on the floor not doing much at all. Very high in nitrogen = can be used in explosives!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by TyCooN Tok Slim: What are some cool places and restaurants to take dates around the Seattle area? I'm not looking for anything fancy. Don't want to blow a lot of dinero with girls I barely know. I don't drink coffee and watch movies in theaters. Even economical food like Dicks burgers, no homo, would be fine. TyC Hmm... Taco Bell? Honestly, there's not much "cheap" like Dick's cheap. Pagliacci has pizza by...
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