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Hey, remember when I was banned?
One wonders how constructive it is to try and argue with people who are attempting to help you out. Does it usually work this well for you? I, being the nice guy that I am did about a half hours worth of research and came up with the following: Seeing that you are unaware - I am going to tell you that you have indeed downloaded and installed a new version of Sense recently. It came in the over the air update with Gingerbread. Blame HTC. But you did get it. You're just...
Quote: Originally Posted by CDFS Stupid people profess they know it all. I don't get what you are arguing. Do you think Gingerbread is exactly the same as Froyo. READ VERY CAREFULLY. I WILL BREAK IT DOWN INTO VERY SMALL SENTENCES SO YOU CAN FOLLOW ALLONG: Android is not your problem. Your problem is not with Android. You are blaming Android for a problem that Android doesn't have. Your problem is not Android, as I showed you - Android still...
Quote: Originally Posted by CDFS So it is changed. This is why I left. Stupid people don't listen. ... I just explained it to you! Thanks for the reminder.
I was laughing at my factory settings when I got my new tv. 240hz + interpolative smooth motion + "image enhancer" = lulz.
For what it's worth, this is the first screen you see when you click the phone icon in stock android gingerbread. It's been similar (or the same) since uh... what... cupcake? I think the notification arrows used to be on the right hand side. Maybe the background was white. I don't recall for sure. So if you don't see this - you have something else getting in your way.
I have an alibi.
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt two words: pocket fish. also acceptable
At least, for God's sake - turn off any smooth motion crap that comes built into your tv. Only useful for making everything look like a damn soap opera.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lone Wolf Why are you guys saying this - the majority of my satellite provider's movie channels are in HD and they even have some PPV stuff in 3D. Is Blu-ray that much better quality? Short answer? Yes. Even the best broadcast HD is compressed more than Blu Ray, it has to be to be able to be transmitted efficiently to your home. What this means is when it's uncompressed at your house - it loses quality. Some Blu...
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