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Despite the cache'.  Storing ties in flat boxes is not a recommended procedure. I had a local clothier give me 24 generic boxes: 4"x 4"x4".  They fit nicely in a drawer set aside for ties, and most importantly they allow you to roll the tie to store it.  This prevents creases and preserves the body of the tie.
Consider your image.  If rustic is what you want (and it may be perfect), the Saddleback  or the others mentioned are great. Jack Georges are conservative.  If that is what you want or need to project then they are fine.  Consider a used SAB on Ebay.  Best of the best.  
Is it improper to ask the source of your custom Chinese shirts?  The look great and appear a fine buy.   Oz
A very attractive copy of a Brietling Bentley.  The numbers are very useful, if you have the use.  Not really a dress watch though.  
I find that the best box is a cube of about 4' per side.  That way a tie can be rolled up after wearing and stored, preserving its shape.  They also cluster nicely in a drawer dedicated to ties.  I have found that ties that are stored flat lose their shape and fullness.  
A Toyota LandCruiser, to get me anywhere I want to go, so long as its near a gas station, and a Corvette, as an economy car, that gets 29 MPG on the highway.  Looks pretty good too (a 2006 C6).  
Beautiful belts.  The thousand stitches reminds me on the Chinese Forbidden Stitch.  Look forward to seeing more of your work.   Oz
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