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Is the steel mist similar to the ironwood from last year?
Mike, Wasn't the odd sizing for the sport trainers reflected in the euro->us conversion? E.g. For those you sold 42.5s as us10. Just want to make sure keeping the same us size (up 0.5 in euro) is correct. Thanks
Dropped off my fox flannel Formosa at the tailor after work tonight. Spotted at least two other NMWA hangers. To be expected?
My fox flannel is definitely 3r2, not 2.5.
Mine is 1/4 lined; it doesn't really wear heavy but it seems tightly woven in the sense of not letting the breeze through.
I have the lighter blue windowpane (in the background of the photo of 28429 I believe) made up by Ercole's. It is definitely darker than the picture, and I generally agree with other comments that the cloth is soft and a bit thicker than I might have expected. It has a very slightly fuzzy texture and just a bit of a sheen. The herringbone in the photos is pretty true.
I have used Ned in the past but now prefer MTM from Ercole's which is a bit pricier than Ned but IMO both a better experience and a better final product. Best to email for pricing - I think I remember hearing e.g. that prices can be different based on whether you go out to them in Brooklyn or to the midtown shop.Edit: even bespoke from Ercole would most likely run below your $3k figure. From what I have surmised, the same is very much not true of the few well-regarded...
Just picked up the navy/pink visiting Patrizio in his shop. I'm afraid my iPhone photo might not be any better than C&A's above, but he mentioned that I was the first to receive one and that I should post it, so how can I refuse? On my phone the background appears quite purple, but I would say in real life it is much less so. Of course, your monitors may vary. The white spot is an artifact of flash, not a glaring flaw in the silk.
Am currently a blue tweed, willing to switch to flannel but not hopsack.
New Posts  All Forums: