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Greg was willing to add an s-cape to his order for me (in mixed black). Am a bit worried about my ability to "own it", but mostly I just want my pants to stay dry and have decided not to care.
 Thought I'd chime in here as I've just picked up my most recent order (MTM overcoat, ordered in Brooklyn).  I've had a few different orders over the past few years and wanted to give some context on how customer service (at least in Brooklyn i.e. not through Scott) has evolved over time.  Long story short - the beginning of last year was a low and things are now back to running pretty smoothly. From when I started seeing Frank until around the end of 2014, Jeremy who...
@gdl203 any chance you stock (/preorder) the raincho or s-cape in the future?
@DavidLane most flannel trousers from epaulet are VBC; the book my tailor has is at least very similar (can't say 100% as I have never ordered the same shade from both).
              Document Navy shawl collar robe coat in wool blend, Merz b Schwanen Brick red cotton blend long sleeve 102 henley shirt, Sage de Cret Grey trackpants in wool/cashmere flannel, Stephan Schneider J8 stole in grey wool/mohair mix
Mirage to me is too tightly woven (and a bit too heavy) to really be a summer cloth.  Maybe Harrisons Icarus, or the Barbera for H Lesser?
You're even willing to make for fat, overweight Americans!
I have had them do exactly this (toe tap + heel on a double sole).  As long as enough of the toe is left for him to do the normal flush tap, it is a great solution.
 Flights are almost cheap enough for it to be cheaper to fly over there rather than buying even a single pair locally in NYC.  Crazy.
Does anyone know how the field coat sizing is relative to the hunting jacket?
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