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I'm assuming so but this will be my first bonafe - @Leaves can you please advise on the fit of 2102 as compared to 946?
BBBB had a few interested parties but hasn't hit the 3 commits needed for GMTO yet.
Hi Mike - any update on Carmina MTOs that are still outstanding?  Thanks!
@MGD83 keeping the balmoral shape (and closed lacing), no norvegesse. I believe there's also talk of a derby boot with norvegesse in brown.
@ChristianS current plan is to add brogueing and use all burgundy calf. Thoughts? @MGD83 that looks very much like the first image in my original post, I think.
I love scotch (especially islays) but when smoking a cigar I think something with a bit more sweetness is a better pairing e.g. brandy, port, rum, or even bourbon.
 Would much prefer to stick with burgundy or maybe black to keep this a city boot.
@laufer was potentially interested when I brought up something similar a couple of weeks ago
Yep, I had been debating adding brogueing anyway.
 Absolutely up for changing to all burgundy calf.  Would prefer no medallion but otherwise agree re: changing that shoe into a tall bal boot.
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