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For MTO Rotas outside your usual stock sizes, is it safe to extrapolate all the measurements linearly?   Thanks
The larger spacing in the original Drake's looks nicer to me but this Cappelli keeps the colors closer than the other options posted here I think:   http://www.patriziocappelli.it/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=2_17&products_id=1737  
I'm assuming so but this will be my first bonafe - @Leaves can you please advise on the fit of 2102 as compared to 946?
BBBB had a few interested parties but hasn't hit the 3 commits needed for GMTO yet.
Hi Mike - any update on Carmina MTOs that are still outstanding?  Thanks!
@MGD83 keeping the balmoral shape (and closed lacing), no norvegesse. I believe there's also talk of a derby boot with norvegesse in brown.
@ChristianS current plan is to add brogueing and use all burgundy calf. Thoughts? @MGD83 that looks very much like the first image in my original post, I think.
I love scotch (especially islays) but when smoking a cigar I think something with a bit more sweetness is a better pairing e.g. brandy, port, rum, or even bourbon.
 Would much prefer to stick with burgundy or maybe black to keep this a city boot.
@laufer was potentially interested when I brought up something similar a couple of weeks ago
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