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Pretty sure I have the same tie as well - not sure pastel is the best adjective but I also basically never wear it. The combination of light color and informal weave makes it tricky for me to pair - shirts being the issue, not jackets.
Thankfully, my S-cape is much cooler than I am.Also thankful that living in Manhattan means T+1 (or sometimes even T+0) settlement on NMWA orders.
And a black dinner jacket to go with them.
Early this spring it was in the basement in Brooklyn, on the shelves on the long side wall, 2 or 3 shelves from the bottom.
Last time I visited Ercole in Brooklyn, Frank had a jacket length on the shelf
Am traveling to Paris this summer and thinking about looking for some fabrics (primarily jacketing).  Above from some time ago was the only reference I could find searching this thread, are there any other shops that are recommended? Thanks!
The barbera for lesser book has a few similar patterns
There's a whole thread on NYC alterations tailors; I've used Pierre of Paris for a while and always been happy with him. I think Sam Wazin's name has come up in that thread as well.
For cruises from haling city, when I went a few years ago we wound up on a small ship which went the opposite direction from most (i.e. away from Cat Ba) and at most times there were zero other boats in sight, which seems to be very different from the usual experience. A bit of googling indicates this might have been Bai Tu Long bay?
@Epaulet any cotton/linen blend shirting coming for spring/summer?
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