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I have a wool/linen suit made from a lightweight Kerry Knoll fabric that wears great. I'd say it rumples like a heavier linen if that makes sense, but it does have a bit of a sheen in natural light. Not sure what book it came from; Ercole ordered it. Not sure the mill but @Epaulet has had wool/linen trousers that wear very well IME. To me, the blends without silk wear a bit cooler than WSL in the same weight, but of course that depends on the weave also (e.g. It's a...
The off-black horse that was used for the chelseas with a black sole would be killer in this
Not sure that's a problem so much as it's the way they're designed to be worn....
Honestly I just saw @Duke Silver 's post and thought it was a great idea.   NMWA had a bunch of things like this recently, the ones from Niche or Sage de Cret probably come closest to what I'm imagining.   I'm thinking of it as a more formal version of say drawstring trousers from Y-3, or a preppier and less aggressive version of something from Yohji mainline or Jan-Jan Van Essche.
This based on a Rudy would be so killer
Communication with Zam can be frustrating and delays are always annoying but given a chance he has always made things right for me.  At the end of the day I've been happy with the products and will continue to be a customer, even if sometimes waiting for a reply to an email makes me think "THIS is how retailers earn their markup"
Heavy linen seems really like the best bet - it looks so much better than cotton once it gets wrinkled. In navy or dark brown no reason it couldn't be 3-4 season, too
Can't advise on sizing (mine was a custom probably ~58-60) but the inner leather is seriously great so either way you should get one.
I've seen Ercole (Frank) take alterations work in Brooklyn (his Manhattan space is definitely not set up for that), but it might be only for existing clients.
Just got this green museum combat boot in and sadly volume (instep/width) is way too low for me - sizing in general seems better for a 42.5 than a 43. Let me know if any interest out there.
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