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Definitely blind eyelets. Anyone else like speed hooks?
Would prefer something like 4 or 5 to 3 but it sounds like we're looking for something similar.
Seems like color is going to be a bigger issue rather than broguing, is there a photo of carmina suede swatches we can refer to?
I'd be in for suede. Preferably not too light a brown.
What color are you thinking for the stitching?  And which suede, snuff?
 Suede NST on Plaza!  But why does everyone seem to hate speed hooks?
I've ordered up to a US 50R before.  Measurements for EP things tend to extrapolate pretty accurately.
 For the hatch grain (and grained/textured leathers in general) I prefer GlenKaren products to Saphir cream.  Definitely skip the hard wax.
No; there is a different email address now.
New Posts  All Forums: