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Extrapolation from listed measurements for suit jackets on NMWA worked like a charm for my order in the last round (60R IT).
How does the slate color compare to the pewter sport trainers? On-screen it looks a bit lighter but otherwise very similar
Thoughts on matching trousers in inky blue to make a super casual summer blazersuit? Would the fabric be durable enough?
I'll be there, hopefully Friday evening but probably Saturday.
Of the solids, any guidance on which might be durable enough to make matching trousers?
Is the steel mist similar to the ironwood from last year?
Mike, Wasn't the odd sizing for the sport trainers reflected in the euro->us conversion? E.g. For those you sold 42.5s as us10. Just want to make sure keeping the same us size (up 0.5 in euro) is correct. Thanks
Dropped off my fox flannel Formosa at the tailor after work tonight. Spotted at least two other NMWA hangers. To be expected?
My fox flannel is definitely 3r2, not 2.5.
Mine is 1/4 lined; it doesn't really wear heavy but it seems tightly woven in the sense of not letting the breeze through.
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