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Bump. These are still available. Have not worn them since these pictures were taken.
They held up well, but I decided they were half a size too small. I replaced them with black C&J Hallam's anyway... So these are now for sale in the B&S forum if anyone is interested.
Did you tell them you wear a US size 7? Usually they just tell you to order one size down from your US size (because they do UK sizing). They are too narrow for me in the toe box. I think someone who usually wears US size 7.5... Or US size 8 in a narrower (B or C) width, would fit them.
And yes, they're still available and I have not worn them since these pictures were taken.
Standing on a ruler barefoot, I'm roughly 10.25" long by 3.75 inches wide. I wear an 8 in Allen Edmonds and a 7 in Crockett and Jones (both standard width). Remember these are a little tight on me. I think they would perfectly fit someone who wears a 7.5 in AE or a 6.5 in C&J... Or maybe an 8/7 but a narrower foot.
If you wait for a "buy one get one for $100" sale, then you'll own two suits from MW for $900, or an average of $450 each.   You can find much better suits than this for $450 or less (suitsupply is one example - but there are others).
Measuring the bottom of the shoe: Length is exactly 11 inches Width across the widest point of the sole is 3 and 14/16 inches... or 3 and 15/16 inches   As you can see in the pictures, the blake construction allows the sole to be cut fairly tight to the upper, so I would guess the sole is slightly narrower than a similarly sized goodyear welted shoe - but just guessing there.
Jack Erwin "Joe" captoe oxfords.  UK size 7, but they run a little small, so I would recommend for a US 7.5 or a US 8 with a narrow foot.  I'm only selling them because they're a bit too small for me in the toe box.   Full grain calf leather uppers. Blake construction (lightweight with sleek profile).  Please google search reviews of the brand if you do not know it!   Worn them 3-4 times. Polished once with Saphir cream. Overall in excellent condition.   Retail price...
Worn them twice now. I'm a 7.5 or 8D in AE depending on the last, and the C&Js above are a 7E and fit me great. The JE website says european sizing, so I ordered size 7 and they fit well. Leather was pretty stiff feeling even after the fist day, including a strange topography of the bottom inside of the shoe. I was pretty worried when I first put them on, but by the end of the second day they got much more comfortable and the sole seems better molded to my...
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