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 Gotcha. I just don't know if I would get an MTO like this AND the one with original makeup as they're very similar (main difference being white wedge sole). Solid looking, nonetheless.
 What is the makeup of the middle boot?
 Digging this post out of the grave... @bigsink, if you're still around, how tall are you? I'm looking to buy this peacoat on ebay, and am wondering on length. Thanks in advance.
 Watch, can you clarify this statement? Is the MTO program dead? Did I miss this?
 I paid $349 for them.
I can't remember who gave the tip, and I'm struggling to find the post now, but someone mentioned that there were a bundle of second-quality (mostly) shell shoes sitting in the Freeport, ME store. I gave them a ring and ended up with these guys:             They were labeled as "light brown cordovan". Anyone else have this color cordovan from AE? I think it's a pretty good score, no? This is part one of my first shell purchase with the other pair being a...
[[SPOILER]]  Holy moley that's a lot of $$$ in walnut Daltons. I have only the calf version and I thought I spent a lot on those. Love the color of the ones I've highlighted below 
 Oh man, my State buddies would kill for a pair like this. I emailed JVille to see if they could get me a pair like this that Dappered drew up a couple of years ago:   but unfortunately, they discontinued that color yellow (maize!) a couple of years ago. Seems I missed the boat on this one.
 Whoa. These look amazing. I am interested, but don't count me as a 100% commit at this point. I own no dress shoes outside of Allen Edmonds (in which I typically wear 11B), so I am not sure what size/last I should go with. I am thinking size 10 and Simpson last would be the way to go.
 I'm late to the party on these, but wow, are these awesome. I missed out on some sweet GMTO's...although these might have just been a single MTO. Also regretting not getting in on the Badlands (that's the dark suede one, right?).
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