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 How much?
 The tassel loafer was once a big turnoff for me (loafers in general in fact). But I'm seeing a lot of the tassels in fashion these days among the younger generation. Kind of a vintage look, I guess. There's been a merlot Franklin (Jos A Bank Grayson) for $129 sitting in inventory in my size for a while, and I've been debating about picking it up. I remember a younger poster here wore the Jermyn's to a wedding with a fashion-forward outfit. Not bad looking. Edit: here's an...
 Wow - great site! I, for one, live in the spreadsheet world. I love it when I receive the spreadsheets from the factory outlets. Sometimes I ask for several sizes and having them in spreadsheets allows me to combine them together. I also like to manipulate them using sort, filter, sum, colors, notes, etc. It is also useful to have the spreadsheet when I do not have access to the internet and I am contemplating my next multi-shoe purchase. Just some thoughts. Again, great...
 No need to call out someone's employer/industry :) Never know who is lurking on the board
 Where did you find the deal on the To Boot's? I love their style.
Get the Hale. Just enough design to give you that oomph. Definitely versatile enough for a multitude of occasions.   I only have 2 black shoes. This and the Neumora, and they both get compliments frequently.
 Good - it was meant to be humorous :)  If he inquired about a price-drop or negotiation that's fine. But the way he said it was in prime asshole fashion. I sent him this link and told him to send a similar message to the seller. I mean, who is this guy, the eBay price police? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Black-Blue-Armor-Stand-w-Holster-Case-Cover-for-Samsung-Galaxy-Note-3-N900A-/400646782873?pt=US_Cell_Phone_PDA_Cases&hash=item5d4868bf99
Which one of you hooligans has apparently been watching my eBay listing and sent me this message?  
 Saw a lot of this at the derby this weekend. Solid look.
 When I first asked this question, I envisioned you replying to it. Thank you for this great info.
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