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 Wow. Just wow. Any more of these left?
I was actually going to buy a pair and clicked on the 'back project' button until I realized it was 150 British pounds not USD. Then I backed out. $150 USD would have been a great price point for me.
Another interesting boot popped up on Kickstarter         Looks similar to the Eagle County, which is why I'm posting.
I may have missed this in either this thread or the other one, but is the oxblood color a burnished one, similar to the bourbon? So if we ordered an oxblood, would it be difficult to keep the original color through polishing?
 I had this email exchange with my SA:   Me:  any sales going on today for factory seconds? Her: The sale started on 11/21/14 did you see those? Me: not sure - last year there was a $99 closeout sale. anything like that going on? the sale i saw was $199 and $299 firsts. nothing too interesting to me... Her: No nothing like last year
 I'm having trouble visualizing this. Any images out there come to mind to help me out here?
Olive suede is intriguing. Something like this maybe?       I'd be interested. Not in 100% though...   Also, I know these are women's, but maybe this is more the color you're going for? Especially the edge.     Super cuuuute.   No, but for real, I'm interested.
 I'm really not a shell guy (30 pairs, none shell), but that green is gorgeous.
 Ok, I guess I'll be 'that guy'. I personally would have kept those, especially since we all got them at less than MSRP for an MTO that usually costs MSRP + $125. They don't look too bad to me, and my pair seem to have some similar wrinkling as well, just not as bad. I didn't even think about returning them. Also, it's on part of the boot that most people will rarely see, and the more you wear them, the more they'll crease and this will not be noticeable. I don't know...
 It takes a big man to admit his mistakes, and I am that big man. Yes, it was my idea to keep the eyelet/speedhooks the same as the original design as on my merlot's, the laces keep popping off the top speedhook. But with the original design, I, too, find it difficult to lace, so I only go to the top speedhook. If I were to redo both of them, I would do all eyelets. I actually might get that done eventually at a cobbler...
New Posts  All Forums: