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Alright gents, First, excuse the picture overload. This is honestly a tough color to capture. It really is a very, very dark navy. Almost black. I tried a few different shots with different lighting so that you can get an idea of what it really looks like. I would say that the outdoor shots are the closest to real-life color. I'm happy with them, but I must say I like my merlot ones more. Can't wait to see how the merlot ones turn out for all y'all. Outdoor: [[SPOILER]]...
 Yes, I did. But I had to reach out to Allison to ask for it. So, yours might be showing up unexpectedly...
Gents, Eagle 2.0 has landed. Stayed home from work today - glad I made the decision. Pics to follow.
Nice. What lining are you guys going with? I personally love my unlined Amok's and Neumok's.
 Nevermind, he gets 50% off so he's looking at a $135 price point for those...
 I have a buddy who is not on SF who might be interested in this. What price range do you think it may fall under? He's currently looking at these for $268: http://www.thefryecompany.com/james-lug-chukka/d/81116 
I almost had the the same email from Allison...except she said that my card was being denied...huh?!? Called BoA - they put a fraud hold on it because of a mysterious charge to...Allen Edmonds... BoA - have you not noticed the other dozen $100+ charges to AE this year?? I don't get it. I removed the fraud hold. Now hoping Allison sees my email today so that I can get these babies before the work week next week! By the way, where do you get navy polish?
Anybody have some serious squeaking on their Shaker Heights? I've read about squeaking on other shoes around here. Who has successfully dampened the noise?
Navy EC folks,   Just got the invoice from Allison, and I believe there were a couple of mistakes made in the makeup:   1023 NAVY CALF BLACK FLAT WELT WHEELING AND FUDGING BLACK DAINITE OUTSOLE BLACK EDGE DRESSING BLACK EYELETS AND TOP FOUR SPEEDHOOKS STANDARD LEATHER LINING AND INSOLE   I've emailed to let her know that the requested spec was brown edge dressing instead of black and that we asked for the standard speedhook/eyelet makeup from the EC. I'll let...
I do
New Posts  All Forums: