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11B - my normal size. Left foot is a little too tight. Right isn't too bad.
Amok's came in today. They truly are pretty narrow. I am an 11B but some shoes are too wide for me, particularly the 3-last shoes, so I figured a little narrow wouldn't be too bad. But these. are. narrow. We'll see if I hold onto them. They have some marks on them that I wouldn't normally be ok with, but for $67 aren't a deal-breaker.
 When it's all said and done, maybe we'll have enough interest for more than one GMTO. Did Paul state a minimum quantity for a GMTO order? If we have 5-10+ for a few different makeups, could each of them be submitted? Just some thoughts. Not looking for a definitive answer.
Voted...if merlot EC I'm going to have to sit this one out as I already have a pair :) ...hoping for navy which watchidiot will probably have to sit out   1. @watchidiot 2. @JZrhwinnj 3. @polojock615 4. @Mossington 5. @Burzan 6. @FatTuesday 7. @gatszu 8. @JezeC 9. @adamdurbin 10. @tanbar 11. @Kahuna75 12. @mdubs 13. @lemmy127 14. @peppercorn78 15. @gg253 16. @buddy0329 17. @ScottyBoy920 18. @frankmartin 19. @evolved 20. @polofitted007 21. @ridethecliche 22. @albie31 23....
You can vote more than once. Sorry about that. For example, I figured if you would only consider a Townley in bourbon and an eagle County in brown grain, I didn't want that to get muddled if you picked multiple models and leather types. So now we can filter for just those who want an eagle County in calf and see what comes up the most for extras. I hope that makes sense. I can make another poll if the board wants.
I pretty much just threw this together in a short time and included anything and everything people were throwing out as well as some stuff on page 1
Also, real-time results for those interested.   https://www.surveymonkey.com/results/SM-H39QCL58/
I thought about doing that but went against it as i wanted a definitive model and leather type and then the 'frills' will basically apply to that model and leather type. I did make it so you can vote more than once from the same computer, so if you want to do another vote, no harm against that.
Well, whoops. Didn't realize you were making a survey, Burzan!   Well here is a poll if anyone wants to give this one a shot. It might be over the top, though.   https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/FNDWYCL
 Ha! I really appreciate all the props, guys. My one and only MTO, and I really like how it turned out. Mine is actually merlot. If you're thinking navy, then I think it's @watchidiot you want.    
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