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Bought a pair of raw, selvedge jeans that are shrink to fit. Not realising the STF part, will the stretch or should I try and get an exchange?
Hey all, Hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday. Being new to the fashion side of things (as well as motorcycle world, but that will come next), I was wondering if anyone knew of a store in NYC that has Alden, Wolverine's, Red Wings, and Oak Street boots for sale? I'm interested in all of the above, as well a nice pair of combat boots. I'd like to purchase based on how they fit and comfort; I feel the best way to do that is with a side by side comparison. If Frye boots...
I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a great fitting pair of raw denim for us men of smaller stature? I'm talking like 5'7", 130lbs with a 28in waist? I'm not huge on super skinny jeans a la Nudge Thin Finns because I have chicken legs, so I think I look silly in those type of jeans. I refer to that as the carrot top look. I'm after a slim fitting jean, though. I'm stopping by BiG and SE tomorrow in NYC, so if I should look out for any particular brand and...
Hey man, I PM'ed you.
I'm Jim, from NYC. I'm 27 years old. Started out with American Eagle and Abercrombie, then noticed how I looked like everyone else. I branched out, started researching fashion on the internet and now I'm here. Love whiskey, motorcycles, guitars and dogs. Cheers everybody!
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