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Quote: Originally Posted by Andre Yew What car do you drive? Ix nay on highly tuned modern engines as it will worsen performance and shorten engine life. --Andre this isnt totally true, if you find an intake that was designed for the car it will improve performance and efficiency bu it will make your car louder because generally aftermarket intakes arent covered up. but with a E55 AMG you would have to find something a bit better than K&N...
heres my first car, its been...renovated?
i would suggest you buy my car, see my thread i just posted in this section. its a 2006 Civic Si, black on black really stylish but good on gas and stuff.
:ESCRIPTION:: *2006 Honda Civic Si Coupe *Nighthawk Black Pearl *~9,000 Miles * VIN: 2hgfg21546h710763 *HFP lip kit *HFP 18" wheels *HFP Coilovers *HFP axelback Exhaust *K&N Typhoon intake *tint I am asking $14,000 firm, no trades. ::REASON FOR SELLING:: I wish that I didn't have to sell this car so soon but at this point I need a car that can carry more stuff and I don't want to ruin this car by putting a bike rack on it. ::CONDITION:: *...
we have a Steinway M grand piano taking up way too much space in our living room and we dont play it much so were trying to sell it. my dad said that i would get a comission if i sell it for him and i really want coilovers for my car so ive been trying pretty hard to sell it. i will not sell though, weve taken the price from 35k to 30k and still, no buyers. that seems reasonable for a 2002 Steinway M (2006s sell for 42k) so far ive tried craigslist, ebay and local...
Quote: Originally Posted by Pennglock That's what I was about to say... Maybe it would go over a little if you guys donated it to a school or something? Cashing it in seems like a bad move if the uncle in question is still alive. he will understand, we can just tell him our interests have changed. my dad is really into music but doesnt know hw to play piano..no one in the family does. not sure why he got i in the first place. im not sure...
so my uncle gave my dad a 40k Steinway & Sons grand piano for his birthday one year (what the hell?? it takes up our ENTIRE living room) and he hasnt used it for over a year so he wants to sell it. hes tried a few places but no luck. does anyone have experience with pianos, know where i could sell it, know who i could sell it to or want it themselves? thank you
thanks for the opinions, i appreciate it. an yeah, sorry for the emoish picture...i was really sick at the time
so ive been sporting a jewfro of sorts for the last few years. girls like it, they say i have really nice hair, but i dont think they think of it as sexy. theres not much else i can do with it, if i cut it short its gets all poofy an looks retarded, but im getting kinda tired of the look, it doesnt really go with much. does anyone know anything you can do with curly hair, or any other styles i could go with. couldnt find one without a hat, sorry.
2006 Honda Civic Si HFP 2.0l i-VTEC 197hp, 139 lb.-ft 6 speed manual transmission 18" HFP wheels, HFP exhaust, HFP suspension, HFP lip kit
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