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Won my first Luxeswap auction in some time! (might have won two, but someone called at an inopportune time and I missed the chance to up a bid, grrr).   Is there still a shipping discount for SF members?
Got my burgundy museum U-wing boots yesterday and very happy with them.  A bit tricky to pull the boots on to begin with but an excellent fit once they were on.  My wife was quite impressed, and they look like they'll go very well with casual pants and jeans as well as with suits.  Very pleased, and thanks to Steve for making it happen and keeping us well informed of the progress of the order over the past few months!
 Awesome!  Been a wait but worth it from the look of the pictures!  (and wouldn't you know, it's just getting to rainy season here in Oz anyway- I've broken out my C&J Northcotes today for the first time since my visit to the USA in January). I'm lucky I ordered when I did, bought a house last weekend and so suddenly the household budget is in lockdown for a bit.  When budgeting for the house we only allowed $1000 a year for me to spend on my wardrobe and $1000 a year for...
4 season.  Temperate climate (Melbourne, Australia) where it rains enough that I could conceivably wear them in any season... I got mine with a dainite sole so I will probably only wear them when wet or threatening to be wet, but whether with a leather or dainite soul burgundy boots are versatile- see no reason not to wear them in any particular season.  Heck, because they should be fine with a suit or to make an outfit with jeans look more dressy, they should be...
 It is that.  The interior label says the maker for the Tonon jacket is Confar s.p.a. and all I can find about Confar is that it's a trademark of Cantarelli, so I assume Cantarelli are the maker?  Regardless of who the maker is, the Loro Piana cashmere has a lovely feel, the jacket seems well made and it seriously looks as-new.  Very happy with it. The Polo RL trench coat is tops too. If not for some wear on the buckles you wouldn't know it's used either.  I'm travelling...
First wins in a while (it helps that, with daylight savings, I'm now at the office when auctions end and not on a train!).  Surprised to get the PRL trench coat at such a reasonable price, and the Sartoria Tonon cashmere sports coat and a tie to go with it.  Got to take a look at what's available next week...   Ironically most of the stuff I missed was stuff I wanted as possible Christmas gifts for others, not the stuff for my own wardrobe...
 Drat, shoulders too small.  Otherwise perfect, but an inch small in the shoulders is an inch small in the shoulders.
Is it possible to get a photo of the soles? (unless they're new and unworn, but I assume if that was the case you'd have said so).
Measurements on the teal Brooks Brothers sports coat?
I think Vass languish in B&S because people aren't familiar with the sizing and lasts and don't have much in the way of opportunity to try them on in person, plus on B&S unlike a store it's not really possible to send stuff back and say "not my size, oh well".
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