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 Really?  It occurred to me the first time I saw them in the flesh... the one and only reason I didn't buy them, actually, because I otherwise love the look of that shoe.  Once you see that shape in the medallion it's hard to want to buy them, though. Not the only shoe which a dumb medallion has caused me to not buy.  Ah, shoemakers and their bad medallions.
People who've been reading fantasy and/or scifi for years also got irked when the mainstream got onto Lord of the Rings (albeit LOTR was always the most mainstream hit fantasy ever had), when the mainstream declared Harry Potter the best thing ever and when the mainstream declared the Hunger Games books the best thing ever (and don't even start with the people who'd read Battle Royale before Hunger Games came out, whoa).  It's only natural when the mainstream derides...
 Until I came to SF I'd never heard of Oxxford, and the name does kind of look like a knockoff or something misspelled!  Makes it a bargain though.  Didn't see the $60 suit (hoping it wasn't in my size!) but I did snaffle the alpaca Oxxford jacket which went up in B&S a few days back...
Same here. After never being satisfied with the underwear I bought, I hit on a particular type of Macpherson Men underwear that fits well, is comfortable and lasts well and I just top up with that every so often when it's on sale somewhere whether at DJs or other.  Different colours of the same thing is enough to deal with any urge towards variety in the jocks department!
 Interesting.  I'm usually a 52 in Italian sizing but given that it's Tom Ford and I expect pretty slim cut for its size (apart for the shoulders), a 54 has a reasonable chance of fitting me (wishful thinking?  maybe).  I'll keep an eye out for those deets...
I think I speak for many of us when I ask "what size? what size?" like an excited puppy. A good 3-piece is still missing from my wardrobe, one of the few things I can really justify spending the bucks on (especially with winter coming on in here in the Southern Hemisphere).
Any other photos?  Difficult to get a sense of the whole thing from the closeup.
Any way of authenticating it was his and not just some joker who wrote his name on the tag?
Well, the board is recommending the takeover offer anyway.  They don't ALWAYS fly when the board recommends it but my gut instinct says that this one will, it looks quite a big premium over the current share price and if the takeover offer is rejected I can't see the share price getting near that offer price any time soon.  Or ever.  Unless someone else trumps the bid- normally I'd say "if the board is recommending the bid and it's gone public they've confidentially kicked...
9.5/10 on the 888 last.  Ah well.
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