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 I thought in general shorter guys are meant to have a low button stance so the longer V elongates the torso, and a high button stance like that, especially double-breasted, tends to make shorter guys look shorter and wider.  Even at 5'9 I find that a low button stance is good and a 3-button suit or other high button stance makes me look short and that I have to be very careful with the cut of DB jackets.
Stuff in my size, chest and feet?  Well, hello.
 Seconded.  Skoak should get permission to use those pics of the "burgundy beauty" - hadn't realised the depth of the colour from the shots on their site, but when I see it there they look absolutely amazing.  That's the rich burgundy colour I want when I finally get a burgundy shoe. Note to self:  make another effort to try on something in Carmina Rain so you have a better idea of whether those things will fit well or not (I'm not hopeful unfortunately, my feet like long...
Pics or it didn't happen. Mind you, I wouldn't say I bought them to impress a girl exactly, but I *did* buy my C&J double monks shortly before going on a first date early last year and wore them on said date and now I'm engaged to be married to her so there's definitely something to be said for this shoe-buying lark. Actually bought a new pair of shoes yesterday, but not English for once.  Had a browse at Mark Muir in the Melbourne CBD, got a "last pair" price on a pair of...
Would be all over either of the Tom Ford 3-pieces if it was my size, but I doubt there's anyway a 50 L is going to fit someone who's generally 52R shading towards short.  Drat.  Appear to have a bigger shoe size than Spoo too.  Ah well. On the plus side it means that the good stuff that fits me is more likely to make it to the usual LuxeSwap auctions rather than Spoo's closet
 I do a similar look from time to time without the waistcoat.  Charcoal suit, mid-grey shirt, light grey knit tie.
 Heh.  I might need to get across there one Saturday morning soon, haven't been in a while.  Fused or not, the Versace Collection stuff often has interesting fabrics that no-one else has and is a good fit for me OTR.... got two "special occasion" suits and a lovely charcoal overcoat from them. Noticed Double Monk are now advertising their Carmina stock, anyone been by and seen what sort of range they have?
Didn't realise Double Monk now stocked Carmina too.  I know Henry Bucks in Melbourne has Carminas.
 They should introduce a monkstrap called the Derby just to further this theme of confusing nomenclature while sticking to their standard UK place-name naming scheme.
Is that jacket length from top or bottom of the collar?
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