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What color of boots is more versatile, black or dark brown? I'm leaning towards brown but I tend to wear dark clothing so black might suit me more. Help!     The boots (dark brown):     EDIT: I go to uni so will be wearing these casually with dark/black jeans if that helps.
Okay so I recently bought something on impulse and now I realized I have no idea how to wear them. Any advice would be most welcome.   [[SPOILER]]     [[SPOILER]]
Okay so I've used the search function but couldn't really find any good posts. I was wondering what would look good with black slim fit jeans. I go to uni and would really love to hear from people who have much more of a style sense than me. Thanks!
Browsing through SW&D waywt but no luck yet.
I have. I've browsed like 100 pages and most that I've seen are dressed up. 
    Hey guys I need help. Any ideas on how I can wear this casually? (Maybe with jeans or chinos?) Thanks!
  Wearing grey corduroy jeans. Forgive the lighting and the mess.
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