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 There are a plethora of ways to address that without sounding like an absolute cock. Address the issue in its native thread. Bump some threads on proper black tie. Put out a friendly reminder that X clothing is acceptable in Y context whereas Z is not.What you shouldn't do is tell people that they don't know as well as you and then talk to them as if they were complete ignoramuses. That's high-handed and puts people off. You really think people are going to take advice...
 Same damn thing. If people want your advice, they'll ask for it. If you want to put your opinions out there, do so without the condescension you've managed to inject into your post. If you're really trying to help people dress better have a conversation, don't patronize.
 That advice is generally solicited. The whole idea being that if you want to learn or improve how you dress, people are willing to help you. This is the first time I've seen a thread pop up that more or less says "if you dress like this, people will think you're a retard."  I'm all for not looking like a fool, but if that's what people want to do, then let them. They'll learn eventually (or they won't) but either way it's not going to impact you negatively if they wear...
You sound like a massive tool telling other people how to dress.   Kindly get over yourself.
Selling an excellent DOUBLE BREASTED BLAZER by RALPH LAUREN PURPLE LABEL   The jacket is in excellent condition with no stains, rips or tears throughout. Comes from a non-smoking home and has been cared for very well. I originally purchased the jacket for myself, but unfortunately the shoulders didn't fit quite right (I have very broad shoulders).   100% wool, made in England. The garment is fully canvassed, double vented with peak lapels and features excellent...
Hi guys, I've been looking for a new wallet for a while now and I ran into this auction on Ebay.   http://www.ebay.com/itm/BRAND-NEW-PRADA-DEERSKIN-LEATHER-WALLET-MENS-BI-FOLD-/321271212363?pt=UK_Purses_Wallets&hash=item4acd41a94b   Seems too cheap to be real, but the vendor has a 100% positive feedback rating and each wallet ships with authentication info. Could somebody with a bit more expertise in the area chime in on this?   Does Prada even make this model? I...
All together. 
Seconded, though their standard case size is 35mm with their smaller ones being 33mm.Still, not a particularly discernible difference.
 $35, much easier to stomach as a college student on a tight budget.
Wanted to add my recommendation for Pierre. Thanks to some of the posts into this thread, I took in my 3/4 length coat to him yesterday to get the sleeves shortened. He got it back to me within ~4 hours and did a good job IMO, very nice gentleman too.
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