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Still looking for this jacket thank you guys
I'm looking for a WOTW HERO in Bison size XL. email me at thanks
Any available in size16? Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk
I'm considering buying a Belstaff Cougar but I can't decide what size between L or XL. I own a Hero size Large and it's pretty snug but fits well. I'd like to know if anyone that has the Cougar can give me some insight on the fit. I'm a size 40R thank you all for your help BUZZ
I Like this jacket, is it original or fake? thank you
Too Bad I've been looking for a TF white dress shirt for a long time.....  
here are some pictures from the auction
I just missed this auction for few minutes and I was wondering if this jacket was legit or not. here's the link:   It looked good to me but I know there are several versions of this jacket, the bison one being the rarest but I haven't see them all. I'd like to know from the more experienced of you on the subject if there are any red flags or I just missed a good deal...
Hi I'm Massimo, Straight and happily married, I love clothes and this is the right place to spend some time and $  
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