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 March 19th (30% off corporate sale)
 So, what prices do we expect on the ShoeBank during the upcoming anniversary sale?
 Congrats; they look great!
 They're from the Jurassic Collection...
Harrison in 10.5 D on the ShoeBank for $177. How's the fit on the 333 last compared to the 65 last? Thanks
 I had the same sizing issue with my very first AEs (Strand). I went with my regular shoe size 9.5 and went up on width E, since the 5 last is narrow, and the fit was almost exactly like yours. So, I went to my local AE Store in Manhattan and got professionally fitted. It turned out that my feet are size 10.5 C (or D if I'd like to be able to wear semi-thick socks). So, on the 5/65 last I wear a 10 E. I'd advise that you have your feet professionally fitted. If you don't...
I own a pair of Strand and a pair of Rogue and don't really notice much of a difference on their perforations. Maybe when compared upclose/less than a foot away...
Which AEs are these? https://instagram.com/p/zZ_ke5Nm4e/
 I'm actually planning on getting a pair of casual loafers for my trip to Hawaii this summer. What do you guys think of the Lake Shore? They're on sale right now for $157. This dude seems to pull it off pretty well... Source: http://forums.filmnoirbuff.com/viewtopic.php?pid=332506
 I'm 32 and was looking for my first pair of loafers last month, that I could wear in the office (corporate environment). So, I stopped by at the AE store at Rockefeller to try some on. I was so sure I was going to end up buying a pair of Patriots. However, I fell in love with the more sophisticated, sleeker Graysons the moment I saw and tried them on.
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