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Are these made by AE?   http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Handsewn-Suede-Penny-Loafers/MH00339_____LTBR_10H__E___,default,pd.html
 How's the McGraw's 234 last fit compared to the 5 last?Thanks
My feet are size 10.5 C on the Brannock device, and 10 E on the 5 last fits my feet perfectly (ball of my feet align on the widest part of the shoes and 1/2 inch allowance on the toe area) and allows me to wear semi-thick socks comfortly.
Any new discount link for Spring 2015?
Question: Does the 7 last have a roomier toe area than the 5 last? Thanks
 Thanks for the info. I just contacted the ShoeBank, and they actually carry factory-second Boardrooms for $149.
Speaking of Jos A Bank -- does the Boardroom have a roomier toe area than the Park Avenue? Also, what's the lowest price has the Boardroom been on Jos A Bank?
^The Alden LWBs look much better than AE MacNeils, IMO. And I'm so glad I went with AE McGregors, which look even better.
I have returned my firsts McGregors, which the back side of the right shoe is curved inward and was scraping the back part of my right foot, and they will mail me a new pair next week.
 I believe the right shoe that I received is defective. I have contacted AE, and they have sent me a return label to have them "inspected" and then replaced -- hopefully, this process wouldn't take too long.
New Posts  All Forums: