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 Thanks for the info. I'll stop by tonight and ask the CEO about the new tiger stripe models.
 There should be about 1/4" allowance on the toe area. Did you try 10.5 D?
 I wear the same size on my Harrisons (333) and Strands (65).   I would go up in length or width instead.
How about interchangeable broguings so we could switch between wingtips to cap-toes. 
 I wouldn't say that. The Harrisons have a tad more room on the instep compared to the Park Aves. They fit my feet very similarly to csmitty's... Source: http://www.styleforum.net/t/141581/allen-edmonds-appreciation-thread/56670_30#post_7735351
So, the 8 last is longer and narrower than the 5 last(?) Thanks for the info.
I just replaced my Park Aves with the Harrisons, which fit my high instep feet better.
 How's the fit compare to the 5 last?
I believe your Graysons are the 8297, which are corrected grain leather. Mines, which are the 8287 burgundy shell cordovan, are much darker.
 I noticed the same on their previous catalog... http://content.allenedmonds.com/catalogs/2015_ae_spring_catalog_retail.pdf
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