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I was about to order Mora 2.0 but read about negative reviews of it being easily to develop creases...     What's the consensus on this?
 I'd order a pair, but I've never tried on Mora 2.0's before. I'm worried a 9.5 EEE, which fits my feet perfectly on the 5 last, would be to wide for me.
Hi,   Does anyone have a coupon code? I don't feel like paying $15 for shipping.
Does anyone have real-life photos of the Lexingtons?
 Sorry, I believe somebody gave a tip a few pages back that the Jeffersons, not cordovans, are going to be on sale for $350 this April 11th. So, I will wait 'til this Friday and ask for walnut Jeffersons as replacement for my order that was lost in the mail.
     Thanks for all your suggestions! My first choice were McAllisters.  Or maybe I should wait for the next sale on April 11th and hope that cordovans will go down @ $365.
So, I ordered a pair of walnut Sanfords over 6 weeks ago during the 20% off clearance sale. It was supposed to be delivered last week. But, for some reason FedEx "lost" my package. I called AE Customer Service and they filed a claim for it. They will also send me another pair, but the Sanford has already been discontinued, and they want me to choose another model -- up to $365 worth. Any suggestions which I should go for? So far, I have suede Strands and black...
I finally received a shipping confirmation on the Stanfords, that I purchased during the 20% off clearance sale more than 5 weeks ago, and should be delivered tomorrow.
Specifically, something like this...Thanks again.
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