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Any chance that the Shoe bank will have an extra 20% off sale by the end of the year?
I just received a $200 AE gift card, and I'm not sure if it's worth getting a pair of walnut Jeffersons right now for $389 (Shoebank)/$495 + tax (firsts).
What's the lowest price have the Jeffersons been on the Shoebank?
Need sizing advice please... I'm a size 9.5 3E on the Strands and want to get a pair of Franciscans -- should I go with same size or 10 E or 10 3E? Thanks
 This one just expired. Anyone got a new link for $29 or $39 shirts?
What's the consensus on Brooks Brothers Strands (Medallion Perforated Captoes) in terms of fit -- are they tighter/looser or exactly the same as AE's version?
Allen Edmonds Strand Walnut with V-thread Soles 9.5 3E http://www.ebay.com/itm/171545087150
Does anyone have any new link for $29 or $39 CT shirts?   Thanks
Wore my Copenhagen linen suit (also, SS linen tie) yesterday... I'm going to have the sleeves shortened a little bit.
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