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With AE shoes -- I suppose the length increases as you go up in width(?)   My dad's Park Avenues in 9.5 EEE is a tad longer than mines in 10 E.
$288 for a pair of Strands is a very good deal. I'd get them in chili, since walnut Strands is becoming the "J.Crew gingham shirt" version of shoes these days.I have the Gobis in snuff suede, and they are the most comfortable shoes I own. For sizing reference -- my Brannock size is 10.5 C; my Gobis are size 10 D and I can wear thick socks very comfortably with them.
Haven't received mines yet. Any discount coupon on the April catalog?
 Congrats! What size are they and what size are you on the Brannock device?
 Paul G. said that the new SWB will be released this winter... http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/2ioi3u/i_am_paul_grangaard_ceo_of_allen_edmonds/cl3zr7s
Yes, the JAB models come in B, D, E, EEE.
 Old post, I know. But, I just placed an order for a pair of merlot Boardroom from the ShoeBank for $129.
Speaking of the 333 last -- how's its fit compared to the 97 last? Also, what do you guys think of wearing bluchers, like the Hancock in black or merlot, in a semi-formal corporate environment?
The ShoeBank also has the Boardroom for $149. The 97 last fits my feet much better than he 65 last, and I might replace my Brooks Brothers Park Ave. with the Boardroom.
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