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I'm planning on buying a pair of monkstrap style AE shoes. As my feet have high instep, which one has a roomier vamp -- Warwick or Mora 2.0?   Thanks
Hi, I'm thinking of ordering this Parnis 44mm chronograph watch with sapphire glass for $180... I'm wondering if there are other better and similar watch out there that you guys would recommend. Thanks
Does anyone have a new U.S. link for $39 or $29 per shirt?
 Looks great. Will be my next order on the next ShoeBank sale (Father's Day?).
@waxer To determine the correct length size, the ball of your feet must align with the widest part of the shoes.
The guys at the 55th and Madison store are very helpful.
 I would advice that you move on to a different last, that has more room on the instep area, such as the 333 and 201 lasts.
Hi, everyone. First post on this thread. I bought a pair of AE Harrison calf leather shoes last month and been wearing them about twice a week in the office (I walk about 13 blocks to work). I always put shoe trees when I'm not wearing them, but they have developed creasings on the toe cap, as seen on the photo below... Can these creasings be repaired or smoothened out? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
 It's probably just the photo, because looking at it in real life I cannot tell it's a little bit off... Anyone got a protractor?
I bought them from the ShoeBank last month and been wearing them in the office 2-3x a week. They're much more comfortable than my Park Aves.
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