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calf length varies with height. sock length also varies with sock size.  a tall person wearing a small sock size could easily have problems with the sock length.
 no conditioning or polishingno sole edge dressingjust say "nothing except vibram"
i am not certain but i think that H means hand-dyed and T means tumble-dyed in a machine. if there is no H or T, just assume that it is a T. the hand-dyed ones tend to have undyed lining and uniquely dyed outer leather
sartorialoft has them on sale right now.
never thought i'd see the day when sears outlet center sales would be posted to SF
no but i received a few on them with fraying at the top with no washing
there are no yoox code that gives 85% discounts
the rubber one is used to remove stains. the brass one is for restoring the nap if it gets flatted (in the rain or such) but dont overdo it or you will end up with hairy shoes.
when you meet him in person offer a 10% discount for cancelling the eBay purchase right there.  You end up with the same amount of money since you don't have to pay fees. Just make sure that he has a chance to check over the merchandise.
those are guidi, model 992    
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