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My philosophy is to bargain for anything except McDonald's or Apple in NO. The worst they can say is that they're sticking to the sticker price. At least ask what the best they can do is, then discuss.   My wife loves Renaissance Interiors in Metairie. It's a consignment furniture store ( ). It's not glamorous, but they do have some cool pieces with much lower overhead than in the Quarter. On the other hand, most of the truly...
The antique stores are great, IMHO. There are some awesome and unique places, like Cohen and Sons, for antique weapons and currency, and some great antique/vintage watch and clock shops. The real benefit to shopping in New Orleans is in old stuff that you can't get everywhere. NO can't ever compete with NYC for new and shiny, but nobody does old and patinated like the Crescent City.   I was once at Couronne Jewelry and Watches looking at a gorgeous NOS Zenith El...
Glad you had a good time!
AZsundevil, the boots you've got up there aren't bad, but they're a bit more "work" than "western" to my eye. Nobody'll bat an eye at you wearing them, but I think your purpose would be better served with something like this Ariat Heritage Western R Toe. The tooling up the sides is pretty busy, but it's also generally hidden, and the leather will take a nice polish. My recommendation is to not go halfway with it. Either embrace the regional style, or, if it's not you,...
I hope that the shoes you were gifted aren't the ladies' shoes from the ebay link you posted.   But as above. I've always worn them sockless with chinos or shorts. Wear the hell out of them until they feel like slippers. They have a short window of perfection when they fit perfectly, look like you wore them on a transatlantic solo, and haven't fallen apart.
For a bit less cash, but some inventive food, check out Sylvain. And K-Paul's is certainly a classic- worth visiting for the food, but also because of its role in the rebuilding of New Orleans food.
Not to get in the way of the love-in, and they're not PPs or VCs, but I had some Ball watch photos I thought I'd share.  
If this thread gets more people to look at Nomos, then call it a win. +1 on the Speedmaster and el Primero, though they're not really in the same price range.   For the OP's budget and "intent," I'd suggest a Zenith Class Elite and Sinn 556. One dress, one rugged. Both a little off the beaten path.  
GBR, thanks for looking and commenting. It's not meant to be for everyone- if it's not at all for you, then I really do appreciate you taking the time to look.    I'm already reviewing bids for a designer to help me improve the look and flow based on comments above because I seriously value what this forum has to say about the concept. I'll bump this when I have a redesign up, but won't otherwise post before that unless there are specific questions.   Thanks!
I totally understand. I'll have to stick around, I think. Thanks for the help.
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