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Si son medios incomodos pero uno se acostumbra...y la verdad el estilo setentero de rancho era una evolucion de ropa de campesino a ropa "Western" estilo llego al nivel de cursi del estilo que se encontro en Tejas...llego a un nivel con estilo sin ser excesivo, en mi opinion.   They can be a bit uncomfortable but one becomes accustomed to it...the 70's ranch style in Mexico (Jalisco to be exact) achieved a nice happy medium and wasn't excessive the...
Nada que soy cholo, ni naco...mi gente es de rancho.
As am I...which is why I wear the polyester pants and wear cowboy far as cachet is concerned...before the advent of narco-culture the style was ramcho-chic...the narcos co-opted the look and it became fashionable in the 90's...they have gotten away from it and now love Ed Hardy...more power to 'em...but I digress, I never said it was widely appreciated...but I dig it, and so do a certain segment of American grandfather dressed that way and so...
Only for the meek and timid...I come from ranch people and they were worn a ton growing up for semi formal occasions like parties or baptisms and the like.   I have a throwback narco-chic vibe I go for on Friday's and the weekend' works.   Not everything has to be Eurocentric or WASP-y to be cool or stylish, know what I mean?
Sure do:   and  
As I stated in another thread...I wear 100% polyester wranglers and Levi's with cowboy boots...they cut a long and lean shilouette...
I wear cowboy boots with polyester Wranglers and tonal striped western shirts in La Jolla, CA...I look boss solid if I say so the long as you like it and own it you can't go wrong.
They look a little cheap to my untrained eye.
You think a navy orphan can be worn with chinos and not look weird?
Hey all...last sport coat I bought didn't fit big, sold it!   So is this coat a good deal?     Can't tell if it's an orphan.   Thanks!
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