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My easy iron white poplin slim fit finally arrived last night; besides being ecstatic that an otr shirt fits without a hitch (muscular build) the fabric is actually pretty decent and not that horrible see through material, not too shabby Charles Tyrwhitt.
As im sure many will agree here, we know and understand that yes we will get compliments and of course its a nice thing; but overall "dressing up" for many men is him simply loving quality and wearing it on a daily basis
With a tux I wouldn't feel any reservations but outside of a black tie event this picture is pretty much how I feel about bow ties.(But again everyone's taste will differ)
Recently stopped by suit supply in Soho and their suits are great.....best of all no one was pushy or snobby (a hint many other store clerks could use) The lazio and Washington lines really stuck out to me
Thanks for the code! Was measured at the Charles Tyrwhitt steps away from my office at their 46th and madison store.....unfortunately a lackluster experience but ordered online and looking forward to trying these out
Hello everyone, Im Katriel, from NYC Real Estate Consultant and Broker. Moved about a zillion times and have a great appreciation for good clothing to the point where if it doesn't exist or I cannot afford it at that given time I'll just make it. Huge auto enthusiast, in the protege phases of cigar and scotch appreciation; lifelong nerd. Wear black ONLY when required and looking forward to all styleforum has to offer.
Im with you there; im actually visiting them near my place (midtown Manhattan) to try on some shirts. Unfortunately my build isn't fashion friendly (muscular chest, arms and small waist) Keep you guys posted.....if all else fails its back to modern tailor and blank label
dress shirts are really nicely done and cotton is amazing. Unfortunately not a good option for muscular guys 
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