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I want olive neumoks...badly.  Please share details when possible!  
  I must have missed this back a few pages.  This is such a beautiful shoe.  I am VERY tempted!
  Me too 
  The BB models have the combination sole instead of straight leather, and cannot be recrafted by AE.  Probably does not matter that much to many people- indeed, I just picked up a pair of the BB walnut strands to go with my AE bourbon strands :)
For those of us who do not have full wardrobes of MTM or bespoke shirts, or who have not yet made it to the tailor with a new shirt, I thought this tip might be handy.  It has its origins in the military (it is also on lifehacker today):     Source:
PM sent
Works really well actually- one of my favorite combinations.
  I have 3 of their shirts.  They are, by far, my nicest and best-fitting shirts (though that is perhaps to be expected).  Be warned, however, that you should know what collar type you want going in- otherwise Jeremy will push to towards the widest spread collar he can until you beg for mercy .
  I can answer for him, because its the same place I get my bespoke stuff made- Franco Ercole's.  Thread here:
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