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Picked up a Countess Mara tie for $1.99. Can't complain about that.
Quote: Originally Posted by tiecollector The bulb at the bottom of the flower is very large, I can't imagine any hole comfortably accommodating it. Must...resist...urge...for...double...entrendre.
It doesn't take a "rocket science" to realize we're just having some fun either. Chill out man. I love bacon.
Well, according to that web site, my online magazine -- Enter Stage Right -- is worth $89,488. By comparison, CNN's web site is worth $74,732,000.
Bulchers or bals? Or should I go with a more urban look?
Ummm, and which web site would this be? Rather difficult gauging the value of the information without knowing who is responsible for it. That said, pretty cool for j if he decides to sell.
Quote: Originally Posted by drizzt3117 Try them on and see which one works better on your body. It's going to be difficult to answer that question w/o seeing pictures. That said, three button suits may be better for people with long torsos. It can also have the effect of making a taller person (with said long torso) look like a big sausage, ha ha. That said, I'm a three-button man myself though the suit I bought last week was a two-button.
Back in the days before the Communists "revolutionized" death to remove any bourgeoisie trappings, Russian women would "lament" during a funeral service. I doubt you would find many Russian women who could do it today -- only the oldest who were around before the practice was stamped out -- but it was said to be uncomfortably powerful.
Hey guys, all these new people asking odd questions about what they should wear with what has inspired me. I've long wanted to pull off this look but wasn't sure how: Now I know I shouldn't wear black socks in the daytime because it's not business appropriate but other than that I have no idea. Should I go with something conservative like AmTrad argyle socks (undarted obviously) or should I go a little fashion forward? Plain or patterned? Also, what shoes would...
What doesn't look right, in most instances, is wearing socks that are the exact same colour as the shoes you are wearing. Gives you that weird "boot" look.
New Posts  All Forums: